US - Korea

Chronology from Apr 2002 to Jul 2002

: China releases 23 North Korean defectors after reaching agreement with Korea.

: TCOG is held in San Francisco.

: Ambassador Hubbard says U.S. will discuss with North Korea missile and nuclear concerns as well as humanitarian and refugee issues in resumed bilateral talks. U.S. coordinator on North Korea Jack Pritchard meets with North Korean Ambassador to the UN Pak Gil-yon in New York.

: A U.S. Forces Korea armored vehicle, on a training mission, accidentally kills two Korean teenage girls in Uijongbu, north of the capital Seoul.

: The conservative Grand National Party sweeps local elections in a major blow to President Kim’s Millennium Democratic Party.

: U.S. expresses “extreme concern” that Chinese police dragged North Korean defectors from South Korea Consulate in Beijing.

: U.S. and South Korea draw 1-1 in World Cup match, averting possibility of anti-American protests.

: Secretary Powell speech to Asia Society further defines U.S. Korea policy.

: U.S. raises South Korea’s rating in report on human trafficking to a country that complies with minimum standards.

: South Korea delays publishing a defense report identifying North Korea as the “main enemy.”

: China releases five North Korean defectors who entered a Japanese consulate in Shenyang, China on May 8 to travel to Seoul via Manila.

: Boeing agrees to cut price for F-15K fighters to approximately $4.23 billion, sealing deal with Korean government.

: North Korean experts visit South Korea to examine airports for re-establishing direct inter-Korean air link.

: Protests against U.S. Embassy plan to construct apartments in Seoul.

: South Korean legislator Park Geun-hye reports North Korea will conduct joint investigation of leaking dam after meeting with Kim Jong-il.

: South Korea demands compensation from the U.S. for damage to the South Korean steel industry from U.S. import safeguards.

: Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization (KEDO) officials begin discussions of a protocol for nuclear liability with North Korean officials in Pyongyang.

: U.S. urges North Korea to resume economic talks with the South.

: North Korea cancels participation in inter-Korean economic talks.

: Presidential candidate Roh fires adviser who warned against U.S. interference in campaign.

: U.S. indicates that it accepts North Korea’s invitation to send an envoy to Pyongyang to resume dialogue.

: Divided Korean families reunite at Mt. Kumgang.

: Secretary Powell says U.S. is ready to resume dialogue with North Korea.

: South Korea announces it will buy 40 F-15K fighter jets from Boeing.

: U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Thomas C. Hubbard says the U.S. has no concerns about the emergence of Roh Moo-hyun as a presidential candidate.

: ROK Foreign Minister Choi Sung-hong meets President George Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell to discuss relations with North Korea.

: South Korea decides to send 200,000 tons of fertilizer to North Korea.

: Trilateral Coordination and Oversight Group (TCOG) meeting in Tokyo.

: Former U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Donald Gregg visits Pyongyang in a private capacity.

: Lim and North Korea leader Kim Jong-il agree on new family reunions, economic meetings, and for North Korea to resume dialogue with U.S.

: Special Presidential Envoy Lim Dong-won calls on North Korea to reduce tension during meeting in Pyongyang.

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