US - Korea

Chronology from May 2018 to Aug 2018

: US State Department extends ban on US citizens’ travel to North Korea for another year.

: Trump says he thinks US is “doing well” in its diplomacy with North Korea, hails his relationship with Kim, and says there are no reasons to resume US-ROK military exercises at the present though, if he elected, they would be “far bigger than ever before.”

: Secretary Mattis announces that the US and ROK have no plans to suspend military exercises that are planned next year.

: DPRK’s Rodong Sinmun accuses US of “double dealing” and “hatching a criminal plot” against Pyongyang with drill preparations.

: Trump cancels Pompeo visit to the DPRK with new special representative for North Korea, Stephen Biegun.

: USFK commander Gen. Brooks acknowledges security risks in defense scale-down at DMZ, but is dealing with “change and uncertainty in stride.”

: Satellite imagery shows DPRK halted work to dismantle Sohae satellite launch site in the first part of August.

: US Treasury sanctions Russian firms for violating sanctions on the DPRK.

: Divided family reunions begin at Mount Kumgang.

: DPRK presses demands for end-of-war declaration ahead of Pompeo visit.

: US targets Chinese and Russian firms over DPRK sanctions breaches.

Aug. 9, 2018; DPRK criticizes US sanctions pressure on denuclearization process

: US backs guidelines in UN Security Council for streamlining delivery of humanitarian aid to the DPRK.

: DPRK Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho says it is alarming that the US is returning to hostile ways “far from its leaders’ intentions.”

: Pompeo says DPRK weapons work counter to denuclearization pledge; confidential UN report says DPRK has not stopped it nuclear and missile programs.

: White House reports Trump received letter from Kim Jong Un.

: Washington Post reports that US intelligence agencies believe DPRK is working on new missiles.

: Trump thanks Kim for transfer of US war dead remains.

: DPRK hands over 55 boxes of US war dead remains.

: ROK Defense Ministry announces plans to reduce number of guard posts along DMZ.

: Secretary Pompeo and US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley urge strict UN sanction remain in place until DPRK acts on denuclearization.

: US Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats says denuclearization in a year not likely.

: Trump tweets he received “very nice note” from Kim Jong Un; Pompeo says DPRK deal “may take some time” and sanctions to remain in place.

: Pompeo announces that US and DPRK to resume search for war remains.

: US accuses DPRK of UN sanctions breach and demands end to illicit fuel sales.

: Moon says US-DPRK talks are “on track,” dismisses criticism.

: Trump suggests China is interfering in US-DPRK talks.

: DPRK calls US stance “regrettable;” Pompeo urges DPRK to follow Vietnam’s example.

: Secretary Pompeo meets Kim Yong Chol in Pyongyang to “clarify” and says progress made; DPRK condemns US tactics as “gangster-like” after Pompeo’s departure.

: Wall Street Journal reports Middlebury Institute imagery shows DPRK expanding key missile manufacturing plant

: US marks departure of military presence in Seoul with opening of new headquarters facilities at Camp Humphreys.

: US intelligence reportedly believes DPRK making more bomb fuel despite talks.

: 38 North website reports that satellite imagery shows infrastructure improvements at DPRK’s Yongbyon nuclear plant.

: Pompeo says DPRK understands US on “complete denuclearization.”

: Pompeo says he won’t put a timeline on DPRK denuclearization.

: Pentagon indefinitely suspends some US training exercises with the ROK.

June 21, 2018; Trump announces DPRK has returned remains of 200 US war dead and that “total denuclearization” has begun; Pompeo plans DPRK meeting at “earliest possible date.”

: ROK Foreign Minister Kang says DPRK sanctions to remain until denuclearization; Kim and Xi discuss “true peace” and denuclearization in Beijing.

June 18, 2018; US and ROK agree to suspend joint military exercises scheduled for August.

: Trump says his agreement with North Korea will be good for China; ROK Blue House says US forces in ROK not subject to US-DPRK talks; Trump says he gave Kim his direct number.

: Gallup poll shows 66 percent of ROK respondents approve of US-DPRK summit outcome.

June 14, 2018; Secretary Pompeo says North Korea sanctions to remain until DPRK completes denuclearization, says US prepared to offer security guarantees.

: Reuters/Ipsos poll says half of Americans polled support Trump’s handling of North Korea.

: Trump-Kim summit held in Singapore. As summit begins, Trump says “we’re going to have a great discussion, and I think tremendous success.” Kim Jong Un says “there were fetters and wrong practices that at times covered out eyes and ears, but we overcame everything to come this far.”

: 38 North website reports DPRK is razing Ilha-ri, a key ballistic missile test site.

: Trump announces summit with Kim is back on, confirms June 12 date.

: Trumps says he expects letter from Kim Jong Un; US and DPRK working groups meet in Singapore, Secretary Pompeo meets Kim Yong Chol in New York City.

: Kim Jong Un says DPRK’s will for denuclearization is “unchanged.”

: Trump says DPRK’s Kim Yong Chol heading to US for talks; White House says Trump is prepared for June summit.

: US team in DPRK for talks on summit, says Trump; ROK says DPRK committed to Trump summit and complete denuclearization, and calls for more impromptu meetings.

: Moon and Kim hold surprise summit in Panmunjom.

: Trump says US in “productive talks” to reinstate summit.

: DPRK carries out demolition of nuclear test site; Trump cancels summit with Kim Jong Un, citing “hostility.”

: Trump blames China for summit problems; DPRK launches tirade against “stupid” US officials, calling Vice President Pence a “political dummy” and threatening to call off summit.

: President Trump meets President Moon at White House; Trump says June summit with Kim should be called off, but suggests it may work out over period of time.

: New York Times reports Trump grappling with risks of Singapore summit; Wall Street Journal reports Moon fighting for Trump-Kim summit.

: DPRK “declines,” then later permits ROK media to attend nuclear test site closure.

: President Trump nominates former Pacific Command commander Harry Harris as US ambassador to ROK.

: DPRK says it won’t hold talks with “incompetent” ROK; Trump says “if we make a deal, I think Kim Jong Un is going to be very, very happy.”

: DPRK says it doesn’t want US summit focused only on denuclearization.

: Satellite images show buildings removed from DPRK nuclear test site.

: DPRK casts doubt on Trump summit, suspends talks with South; Trump says “we’ll see.”

: Secretary Pompeo says US ready to lift sanctions if DPRK dismantles its nuclear weapons program.

: DPRK details plans to dismantle nuclear test site.

: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meets ROK Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha and suggests DPRK future “brimming with prosperity,” though he cautions denuclearization will require “robust” oversight.

: President Trump announces he will meet DPRK leader Kim Jong UN in Singapore on June 12.

: Three US detainees freed by DPRK, head home, thank Trump.

: Kim Jong UN meets Chinese President Xi Jinping.

: Wall Street Journal reports that US troops represent “potential bargaining chip.”

: DPRK denies US sanctions pressure is behind its denuclearization pledge.

: New York Times reports that President Trump has ordered the Pentagon to consider reducing US troops in ROK.

: White House says US prisoner release would be a goodwill move by the DPRK.

: US National Security Advisor John Bolton meets ROK National Security Adviser Chung Eui-yong in Washington, DC.

: ROK says it wants US troops to stay regardless of any treaty with the DPRK.

: US intelligence detects DPRK actions at its nuclear test site.

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