US - Korea

Chronology from Jul 2002 to Oct 2002

: U.S. announces that Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs James Kelly will visit Pyongyang for consultations in early October.

: PM Koizumi urges the U.S. to resume dialogue “at an early date” with North Korea.

: North and South Korea connect a military hotline to discuss issues related to the construction of rail and highway links.

: North and South Korea begin clearing mines in the DMZ to allow construction of rail and highway links following Sept. 18 ceremonies.

: U.S. spokesman voices support for “positive results” of Koizumi-Kim meeting in Pyongyang; North and South Korea break ground for cross-border railway project.

: Japanese prime minister holds summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim in Pyongyang.

: Korean activists abduct off-duty U.S. soldier and force him to sign “confession” at public rally protesting death of two South Korean girls.

: President George W. Bush expresses U.S. support for Koizumi trip to Pyongyang for summit meeting with DPRK leader Kim Jong-il.

: U.S. Forces Korea announces trial of two soldiers for negligent homicide in deaths of two Korean girls.

: UN Command authorizes construction work on rail and highway links in the eastern portion of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

: Civic groups charge Seoul city government ignored laws in issuing construction permit for new U.S. Embassy housing site.

: TCOG statement reaffirms the importance of “engagement” of North Korea; recognizes North Korea’s recent “constructive attitude” toward international community.

: Japanese, South Korean, and U.S. diplomats meet in Seoul for Trilateral Coordination and Oversight Group (TCOG) meeting to discuss upcoming Koizumi visit to Pyongyang.

: Japan announces Prime Minister Koizumi Junichiro will visit Pyongyang Sept. 17.

: South and North Korea agree on cooperative projects, including cross-border rail construction.

: U.S. Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security Affairs John Bolton warns North Korea on need for early nuclear inspections to avoid U.S. rescission of 1994 Agreed Framework.

: Japan and North Korea begin two days of official talks in Pyongyang.

: U.S. sanctions North Korea for selling missile parts to Yemen.

: North Korean leader Kim Jong-il begins four-day visit to Russia.

: U.S. Under Secretary of Defense Zakheim requests more South Korean support for the war on terrorism.

: North Korea threatens to withdraw from 1994 Agreed Framework.

: Inter-Korean talks resume in Seoul on military, economic, and family reunion issues.

: Yielding to U.S. demands, South Korea cuts special consumption tax on large cars up to 4 percent.

: Ceremony held in North Korea for the pouring of the first concrete at the Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization (KEDO) reactor site.

: North Korean military officials meet with U.N. Command at Panmunjom for the first time in two years.

: North Korea proposes military talks with U.N. Command to discuss June 29 naval incident.

: U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell and North Korean Foreign Minister Paek Nam-sun meet at ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) in Brunei.

: North Korea says it is ready to receive a U.S. envoy to resume bilateral security talks. Washington welcomes Pyongyang’s “apology” for the naval incident.

: North Korea proposes to resume talks with South Korea and expresses regret over June 29 naval clash.

: ROK Defense Ministry says it does not expect the U.S. to give up jurisdiction over two soldiers accused of negligently killing two girls in a training exercise.

: U.S. military team enters North Korea to search for the remains of Korean war dead.

: First public reports emerge that North Korea is scrapping its decades old rationing system and instituting price reform.

: U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says North Korea initiated naval clash.

: U.S. rescinds offer to meet with North Korea the following week, following West Sea naval clash.

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