US - Russia

Chronology from Apr 2008 to Jul 2008

: Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson arrives in Moscow to meet Russia’s top leadership and to discuss bilateral investment and trade issues.  Paulson meets, among others, both Medvedev and Putin.

: President Medvedev delivers a critical indictment of U.S. economic and political policies at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum in Russia.

: In a state visit to France, Vladimir Putin, now Russia’s prime minister, compares the U.S. to a “frightening monster” and urges France to conduct an independent foreign policy from its American ally.

: Republican presidential candidate John McCain suggests that the U.S. engage Russia in strategic arms talks.  This is seen as a strategy to distance himself from President Bush.

: The Russian government orders two U.S. military attaches to leave the country in retaliation for the expulsion of a Russian diplomat from the U.S. in April.

: Dmitry Medvedev inaugurated as the third president of the Russian Federation.  He quickly appoints Vladimir Putin as prime minister.

: Russian Federal Atomic Agency (RosAtom) chief Sergei Kiriyenko and U.S. Ambassador to Russia William Burns sign an inter-governmental agreement on the civilian applications of nuclear energy.  It is commonly known as the 123 Agreement.

: The Pentagon begins inter-service military maneuvers in Alaska called the Northern Edge 2008 exercise.  The Russian military leadership criticizes the exercises, claiming that they pose a threat to Russian interests in the Northern Pacific and the Arctic.

: Japanese Prime Minister Fukuda Yasuo visits Moscow and meets Vladimir Putin and President-elect Dmitry Medvedev.

: A Russian diplomat is expelled from the U.S. for security reasons.

: U.S. Republican presidential candidate John McCain accuses the Russian government of attempting a “de facto annexation” of Georgian territory, and calls on all nations to condemn Moscow’s actions.

: U.S. Department of Justice approves an $810 million deal allowing Russian steel producer Severstal to purchase the Sparrows Point steel mill in Maryland from ArcelorMittal.

: President Bush travels to Sochi, the Russian resort on the Black Sea, at the invitation of Vladimir Putin.  The two discuss strategic issues. This is their last meeting as presidents of their respective countries.

: Putin hosts Bush for their final summit together as presidents at Putin’s vacation home in Sochi along the Black Sea in southern Russia.  This is their 28th meeting together as presidents of their respective nations.

: President Bush meets outgoing Russian President Vladimir Putin at the NATO summit meeting in Bucharest, Romania.

: Bush and Putin attend the NATO summit in Bucharest, Romania.

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