Volume 1, Issue 3

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October - December 1999 · Published: Jan 2000

Daily Digest

38 North: Lessons to be Learned from Negotiating with North Korea

An argument that the US should learn to challenge its own assumptions about North Korea.

The Diplomat: China Sends Strategic Bombers, Tanks and 1,600 Troops to Russia for Large Military Drill

China’s participation in Russia’s Center-2019 military exercises seen as more evidence of improving bilateral military relations.

The Japan Times: A silver lining in the North Korea nuclear impasse?

An argument that the US and Japan should establish a relationship with North Korea as a means of creating uncertainty for China.

The National Interest: Is the Philippines Becoming Russia’s Newest Ally?

Evidence that there is a budding relationship between the Philippines and Russia.

The Strategist: Mr Morrison goes to Washington

An Australian perspective on Prime Minister Morrison’s upcoming visit to Washington.

The Diplomat: China-Thailand Military Ties in the Headlines With New Shipbuilding Pact

More evidence of China-Thailand defense cooperation.

The Diplomat – Growing India-South Korea Strategic Synergy: The Defense Domain

A summary of actions being taken to improve defense cooperation between South Korea and India.