Volume 1, Issue 3

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October - December 1999 · Published: Jan 2000

Daily Digest

Lawfare: The U.S.-China Trade War Is a Competition for Technological Leadership

An explanation of the terminology being used to articulate the evolving technological competition between the US and China.

Lawfare – Water Wars: Disjointed Operations in the South China Sea

A monthly update on activity related to maritime security in the Indo-Pacific region.

The Diplomat: Reforming the Chiang Mai Initiative

Latest reform of the Chiang Mai Initiative currency swap mechanism reflects the move away from reliance on the dollar.

The Diplomat: US, Japan Conduct Cooperative Naval Deployment in Strait of Malacca

US Navy and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force conduct interoperability exercise in the Malacca Strait.

The Diplomat – Trump and Abe: The Odd Couple

An assessment of the ” odd couple” relationship between President Trump and Prime Minister Abe.

The Diplomat: 3 Ways China Can Make the Belt and Road Initiative More Successful

What it will take to make China’s Belt and Road Initiative more sustainable: transparency, engagement and connectivity — in other words more mutually beneficial.

Asia Unbound: How Morrison Won – and What His Win Means for the U.S.-Australia Alliance

An assessment of the anticipated impact the Liberal Party victory in Australia will have on US-Australia relations.

The Interpreter – Australia’s election: what the hell just happened?

An argument that the Liberal Party victory in Australia reflects a deeper political malaise that will likely result in more uncertainty for the coming Morrison government.

East Asia Forum: What comes next in the US–China trade war?

Stephen Roach’s pessimistic view that deep structural problems within the economies of both China and the US mean that even if a deal is reached, the likelihood of a drawn out trade war will continue.