Volume 1, Issue 3

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October - December 1999 · Published: Jan 2000

Daily Digest

The Hindustan Times: India prepared for a long haul over disengagement but not yield an inch in Ladakh

India and China have agreed to stop sending more troops to Ladakh, but New Delhi is preparing for multiple rounds of military-diplomatic talks.

NK News: Will South Korea’s president ever stop pushing for diplomacy with the North?

In a prerecorded video address at the 75th session of the U.N. General Assembly, Moon pitched a peace declaration and other cooperation involving North Korea to the international community.

The Asia Times: Anwar on the verge of a countercoup in Malaysia

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim claims to have the parliamentary majority needed to form a new federal government.

The South China Morning Post – China-US rivalry: Asian countries fear getting caught in a new Cold War

As China and the United States spar, their rivalry has accelerated fears of a new and more complex Cold War.

NK News: North Korea says it will reward skill — not seniority — in its party officials

North Korea’s state-run Rodong Sinmun newspaper reiterated that officials’ right to speak or “authority” is “not guaranteed by one’s position … but by one’s competence.”

Foreign Affairs: Shinzo Abe Will Be a Tough Act to Follow

Not only did Abe Shinzo have to be good to hold office longer than any other Japanese prime minister—he had to be lucky.

The Asia Times: Royal reform call not all that it seems in Thailand

The student protest group insists that its demands do not aim to topple the monarchy, led by the centuries-old Chakri dynasty, but rather aim to check and modernize it as suitable in a democracy.

The South China Morning Post – US vs China: two new world orders on display as the UN turns 75

Chinese President Xi Jinping called for multilateralism, peace, and collaboration as he addressed the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly, striking a contrast to Donald Trump, whose speech earlier in the morning was mostly a scathing critique of Beijing.

Japan Times: U.S. and North Korea came much closer to war than previously thought, book claims

Bob Woodward’s new book reveals scores of instances during 2017 that highlight the unease felt by many in the highest echelons of the U.S. government.

The Hindustan Times: Indian, Chinese generals meet in eastern Ladakh to break logjam in border talks

Senior military commanders from India and China met in the eastern Ladakh sector to break the logjam in talks.