Carlyle A. Thayer

Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies
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Carlyle A. Thayer is Professor in the College of Security Studies at the Asia Pacific
Center for Security Studies. Prior to joining the APCSS, Dr. Thayer served at the
Australian Defense Force Academy in various capacities, including Professor of Politics,
Head of the School of Politics and Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Defense
Studies. His most recent publication is Renovating Vietnam: Political Change in a OneParty
State. Dr. Thayer was educated at Brown University and holds an M.A. in
Southeast Asian Studies from Yale and a Ph.D. in International Relations from Australian
National University.

Articles by Carlyle A. Thayer

During the third quarter, China reaffirmed its support for multilateralism by attending a series of meetings held in conjunction with the annual gathering of ASEAN foreign ministers and by hosting a four-nation ministerial conference on drug control. On the bilateral level, Thailand’s prime minister visited China, while Li Peng, chairman of the Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress, journeyed to Hanoi. China and ASEAN were still unable to reach agreement on a Code of Conduct for the South China Sea. Officials are now studying a compromise formulation drafted by the Philippines.