Occasional Analysis

With the presidential elections in the U.S. scheduled for Nov. 4, the candidates’ views of relations with Asia are of great interest to the foreign policy community in the U.S. and throughout Asia. In an effort to provide some insight into the policies of Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama, we have surveyed both campaigns’ statements to answer a series of questions regarding their Asia policy stances as the basis of this quarter’s Occasional Analysis.

Daily Digest

The Straits Times – Australia, UK work on security ties as China’s clout grows

Britain’s top foreign and defense officials held talks with their Australian counterparts in Sydney, focusing on advancing a security pact involving nuclear-powered submarines and sharing notes on countering China’s growing clout.

Asia Times – Japan-Australia defense deal a vista of possibilities

Australia could provide the combined arms training Japan’s self-defense forces desperately need to better challenge China.

Al Jazeera – Security, China dominate Biden’s talks with Japan’s Kishida

The leaders of the United States and Japan agreed in a virtual meeting to boost cooperation on pressing economic and security issues, including China’s growing might, North Korea’s missiles and Russia’s aims in Ukraine.

Al Jazeera – China, Russia block US bid to sanction North Koreans at UN

China and Russia have delayed a US effort at the United Nations to impose sanctions on five North Koreans in response to recent missile launches by Pyongyang.

The Manila Times – US warship entry into South China Sea sparks Beijing warning

A US warship sailing through the South China Sea sparked a warning from China’s military as tensions between the superpowers remain high.

Asia Times – Eye on China, Indonesia launches naval spending spree

Leaked documents indicate Jakarta is lining up as much as $125 billion in military modernization spending.