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Myanmar NOW – Junta makes another bid to introduce draconian cyber law

Myanmar’s military junta is making a second attempt to implement a new cybersecurity law, nearly a year after it was forced to abandon an earlier effort.

South China Morning Post – Philippine presidential front runner Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jnr ducks South China Sea issue

Bongbong’s refusal to state a position on China’s maritime territorial claims has critics suspect his team may be unwilling to jeopardize his popularity with an overtly pro-China line, or possibly just worried he’ll make another gaffe.

Asia Times – China digging Cambodia a deep-water naval base

Recent satellite imagery showed Chinese dredgers working at Ream Naval Base in an expansion that could open the way for Chinese warships to dock.

The Straits Times – Australia, UK work on security ties as China’s clout grows

Britain’s top foreign and defense officials held talks with their Australian counterparts in Sydney, focusing on advancing a security pact involving nuclear-powered submarines and sharing notes on countering China’s growing clout.

Asia Times – Japan-Australia defense deal a vista of possibilities

Australia could provide the combined arms training Japan’s self-defense forces desperately need to better challenge China.

Al Jazeera – Security, China dominate Biden’s talks with Japan’s Kishida

The leaders of the United States and Japan agreed in a virtual meeting to boost cooperation on pressing economic and security issues, including China’s growing might, North Korea’s missiles and Russia’s aims in Ukraine.