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Asia Times – Digital infrastructure propels new SE Asian Tigers

China’s trade with Southeast Asia drives a world-beating economic boom.

The Diplomat – Flexible Enmeshment: The Philippines’ New Approach to China-US Competition

Marcos could be characterized as a middle ground between his predecessors – not as pro-U.S. than Aquino, but less pro-China than Duterte.

Reuters – Philippines coast guard chief says boosts South China Sea presence

The Philippine Coast Guard has stepped up its presence in the disputed South China Sea by deploying additional vessels and conducting more sorties and overflights to protect maritime territory and the country’s fishermen, its chief said on Monday.

Reuters – Senior Taiwan opposition leader to visit China amid continued tensions

A senior leader of the Kuomintang (KMT), Taiwan’s main opposition party, will visit China this week and meet its top Taiwan policy-maker, the party said on Monday, amid continued military and political tensions between the two sides.

Yonhap News Agency – U.S. remains ready to engage with N. Korea, but holding N. Korea accountable important: State Dept.

The United States remains ready to engage with North Korea diplomatically but the country continues to show no interest in dialogue, a state department spokesperson said Thursday.

The Diplomat – China and Ethiopia: The Addis Light Train Stuck in Slow Motion

Sub-Saharan Africa’s first inner-city tram project was hailed as historic in 2015. Seven years later, it faces more problems than ever.