Volume 2, Issue 4

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October - December 2000 · Published: Jan 2001

Daily Digest

The Diplomat: Is BRICS Losing Its Shine for China?

An argument that China is losing interest in the BRICS as economic and political differences among the member states become difficult to overlook.

The Diplomat  –  US Intermediate-Range Missiles in East Asia: Critical Deterrent or Needless Provocation?

An examination of the implications of the potential placement of US land-based intermediate-range missiles in Asia.

The Interpreter – SCO-style economic cooperation: Treading slowly

An assessment of the progress made in promoting economic cooperation among member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The Diplomat: The Implications of India’s RCEP Withdrawal

An assessment of the implication associated with India’s withdrawal from the RCEP.

The Diplomat: Vietnam Needs to ‘Struggle’ More in the South China Sea

An assessment of Vietnam’s strategy for dealing with China in the South China in the aftermath of the Vanguard Bank stand-off.

Japan Times: Japan’s precarious Indo-Pacific balance

An argument that the recent US report on a free and open Indo-Pacific offers important opportunities for collective action in developing a stronger economic development architecture in the region.

The Strategist – Indonesia–Australia cooperation: a key to stability in the Indo-Pacific

An argument for promoting stronger security cooperation between Australia and Indonesia as a basis for enhancing stability in the Indo-Pacific.

The Diplomat: RCEP’s Economic Impact in Asia

An argument that the RCEP and CPTPP will serve as a catalyst for economic integration in Asia at the expense of those that do not join one of both of the two trade agreements.

The Diplomat: The TAIPEI Act Is an Act of Wishful Thinking

An argument that the recently passed Taipei Act will have the intended effect of expanding Taiwan’s diplomatic space.

Project Syndicate: China’s Risky Endgame in Hong Kong

An argument that China could risk its long-term goal of becoming a “great modern socialist country” if it overreacts to the political unrest in Hong Kong.