China - Russia

Chronology from Sep 2021 to Dec 2021

: Chinese FM Wang Yi pens article in People’s Daily opposing “color revolutions” in central Asia.

: Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko says that countries staging a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics should have their flags and anthems removed while taking part in the spectacle.

: Putin holds talks, via videoconference, with Xi Jinping.

: Vice FM Ma Zhaoxu, Russian Deputy FM Sergei Ryabkov and US Special Envoy for Iran Robert Malley hold a teleconference on the Iranian nuclear issue.

: Chinese Vice FM Le Yucheng and Russian Deputy FM Morgulov Igor Vladimirovich hold video conference. Both criticized the US-sponsored Democracy Summit.

: Chinese Premier Li Keqiang holds the 26th Regular Meeting with Russian Prime Minister Mishustin via videoconference, where they focused on economic and other bilateral issues. A joint statement was issued after the meeting.

: Putin discusses China during an investment forum in Russia. Speaking highly of China’s development and Russian-China relations, Putin also strongly criticized US-led alliances and sanctions against China.

: Xi and Putin send congratulatory messages to the 3rd Sino-Russian energy forum.

: Xi sends condolences to Putin after a coal mine explosion in Russia that caused heavy casualties.

: Russian, Indian, and Chinese foreign ministers hold their 18th meeting via videoconference. A joint statement was issued after the meeting.

: Putin and Xi send congratulations in the closing of the Sino-Russian Year of Scientific and Technological Innovation.

: Russian and Chinese ambassadors to the US (Anatoly Antonov and Qin Gang) jointly publish an article in National Interest regarding the US-sponsored democracy summit.

: SCO holds its 20th prime ministerial meeting via videoconference. Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang joined the meeting.

: Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe holds videoconference with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who reportedly tells Wei that US bombers approaching Russia’s Far East also threaten China.

: Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, and US Special Envoy for Iran Robert Malley exchange views on the Iranian nuclear issue via a videoconference.

: Two Russian Tu-95MC and two Chinese H-6K strategic bombers conduct their third joint air patrol over the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea in the Asia-Pacific region.

: China-Russia Consortium Global Space Weather Center is operational. It monitors space weather events including solar activities and releases advisories for aviation operators, and provides services for aviation operators around the world. This is the fourth such center approved by the UN International Civil Aviation Organization to coordinate platforms in civil aviation. The other three are run by an Australian, Canadian, French, and Japanese consortium; a European consortium; and the United States.

: Envoys of the Troika Plus meeting (Russia, Pakistan, China, and the US) meet in Islamabad, urging the Taliban to cut ties with terrorist groups and deprive them of the opportunity to act on Afghan territory.

: Cheng Guoping, external security commissioner of China’s Foreign Ministry, meets in Beijing with Russian Ambassador to China Andrey Denisov. They have an in-depth exchange on issues such as China-Russia relations and global counter-terrorism cooperation.

: Russia and China sign contract for the joint development of a heavy helicopter, Andrey Boginsky, head of the Russian Helicopters holding, says at a meeting with Putin.

: Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu speaks with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov on the phone about the Iran nuclear issue.

: Lavrov and Wang meet in Rome on the sidelines of the G20 summit. Putin and Xi decline to join the meeting. The two diplomats praised the state of the Russian-Chinese strategic partnership and proposed convening a UNSC permanent members’ summit.

: State Duma ratifies a protocol extending, until Dec. 16, 2030, a Russia-China deal on notifying each other of ballistic missile and carrier rocket launches.

: Ten Russian and Chinese warships, which just concluded the Maritime Interaction 2021 naval drill in the Sea of Japan, conduct first-ever joint patrol around the Japanese archipelago.

: Russian and Chinese navies conduct Maritime Interaction 2021 off the Peter the Great Gulf in the Sea of Japan.

: At the initiative of India, the SCO holds its first seminar, via video conference, on the role of women in the armed forces.

: Putin tells CNBC’s Hadley Gamble that China “does not need to use force” to achieve its desired “reunification” with Taiwan. Regarding the South China Sea, Putin said that “we need to provide an opportunity for all countries in the region, without interference from the non-regional powers, to have a proper conversation based on the fundamental norms of international law…” Putin’s Taiwan remarks were not part of the Kremlin official transcript.

: Russian FM Lavrov says that “Russia, like the overwhelming majority of other countries, considers Taiwan to be part of the People’s Republic of China. We have proceeded and will proceed from this premise in our foreign policy.”

: President Xi sends a message of condolence to President Putin over the crash of a Russian plane.

: Chinese and Russian foreign ministers release a joint statement to the UN calling for the US to abide by a UN convention on biological weapons.

: Putin sends telegram to Xi on the 72nd anniversary of the establishment of the PRC.

: SCO law enforcement forces hold second stage of  “Pabbi Antiterror-2021” Joint Anti-Terrorism Exercise (JATE) in the Pakistani city of Pabbi. The first stage of the drill was conducted by simulated exchanging, sharing, collection, and evaluation of anti-terrorism intelligence within SCO members’ borders. India did not join the exercise.

: Chinese, Russian and Pakistani special envoys visit Kabul and met the acting head of Afghanistan’s Taliban-led government, Mullah Muhammad Hassan Akhund.

: SCO conducts “Peace Mission 2021,” a counter-terrorism military exercise, at the training range in the Orenburg Region in Russia’s southern Urals. 5,500 troops, including 550 Chinese servicemen and, for the first time, Belarusian units, participated. Anti-drone warfare was part of the annual drill.

: SCO holds 21st session of its heads of state, via videoconference, in Dushanbe under chairmanship of President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon. Chinese FM Wang Yi met Russian counterpart Lavrov on the sidelines of the summit. An informal meeting on Afghanistan was held by Chinese, Russian, Pakistani, and Iranian foreign ministers as well.

: Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng meets Russian Ambassador to China Andrey Denisov in Beijing. They discussed Afghanistan and other bilateral and global issues.

: BRICS leaders hold 13th summit via video, with a joint statement issued after the meeting. Russia, Brazil, South Africa and India supported the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. China took over the chair of the 14th BRICS summit in 2022.

: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov send their statements to the Fort Dong Ning Museum in China’s northeastern Heilongjiang Province to commemorate the last battle of the Soviet Red Army in World War II.

: Shanghai Cooperation Organization finance ministers hold fourth meeting via videoconferencing chaired by SCO’s rotating chair Tajikstan.

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