China - Southeast Asia

Chronology from Jul 2001 to Oct 2001

: The Philippine Navy reports that one of its boats fired at a Chinese fishing vessel after an attempted ramming incident near Palawan.

: A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in Manila demands the release of the 48 detained Chinese fishermen and a “specific explanation to their being arrested by Philippine authorities.”

: Lt. Gen. Su Shuyan, deputy director of the PLA’s General Logistics Department, pays a working visit to Vietnam. He is received by Defense Minister Senior Lt. Gen. Pham Van Tra.

: Thai Deputy PM Chawalit attends the second Sino-Thailand seminar on trade in agricultural products in Kunming, China.

: Myint Swe, commander-in-chief of the Burmese Air Force, visits Beijing for discussions with Fu Quanyou.

: ASEAN Finance Ministers’ Meeting is held in Hanoi followed by consultative meeting with dialogue partners, including China.

: Singapore President S. R. Nathan visits China and is received by President Jiang.

: Third Asia-Europe Economic Senior Officials and Economic Ministers’ Meetings are held in Hanoi.

: Le Hai Anh, deputy chief of staff of the Vietnam People’s Army, visits Beijing and holds discussions with Fu Quanyou, chief of the PLA General Staff.

: A seven-member political work delegation from the General Political Department of the Lao People’s Army visits China.

: Li Peng visits Vietnam.

: A CCP delegation makes a goodwill visit to Laos and Vietnam.

: Wang Zaixi, deputy director of the China State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, visits Indonesia.  Wang previously visited Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

: Phung Khac Dang, deputy director of the Vietnam People’s Army’s General Political Department, visits China.

: Eighth APEC Small and Medium Enterprises Ministerial Meeting is held in Shanghai.

: Four-nation ministerial meeting on drugs held in Beijing.

: Vu Dinh Cu, vice chairman of Vietnam’s National Assembly, visits China and is received by Li Peng, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress.

: Thai PM Thaksin visits President Jiang, Premier Zhu, and other high-ranking officials in Beijing.

: Deputy FM Wang Yi visits Myanmar and signs an agreement on economic and technical cooperation with the deputy minister for Rail Transport.

: APEC Finance Ministers’ Meeting is held in Dailan, China.

: Harry Angping, chairman of the Committee for Trade and Industry, Philippine House of Representatives, visits Beijing.

: Siho Bannavong, president of the Lao Committee for Peace and Solidarity, visits China.

: Third Senior Officials Meeting of the 13th APEC Ministerial Conference meets in Dalian, China.

: Four-nation (Myanmar, China, Laos, and Thailand) Senior Officials Meeting on drugs held in Rangoon.

: Khachatphai Burutphat, secretary general of Thailand’s National Security Council, visits China.

: Taipei City Mayor Ma Ying-jeo visits Kuala Lumpur.

: ASEAN Secretary General Rodolfo Severino holds talks in Beijing.

: Mai Thuc Lan, vice chairman of Vietnam’s National Assembly, visits China.

: The second Ministerial Meeting on Mekong-Ganga Cooperation is held in Hanoi. The issue of Chinese membership was reportedly raised.

: Deputy FM Wang Yi states that China backs ASEAN’s efforts to establish a Southeast Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone.

: ASEAN Post-Ministerial Conference with 10 dialogue partners, followed by ASEAN-China dialogue meeting, Hanoi.

: President Jiang Zemin sends a congratulatory message to Megawati Sukarnoputri on her election as president of Indonesia.

: ASEAN Regional Forum meeting, Hanoi.

: Jia Chunwang visits Vietnam at the invitation of his counterpart, Police Minister Le Minh Huong.

: ASEAN Plus Three meeting, Hanoi.

: ASEAN Ministerial Meeting, Hanoi.

: Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan visits Hanoi to attend ASEAN-related meetings. He meets with party Secretary General Nong Duc Manh, Premier Phan Van Khai, and Foreign Minister Nguyen Dy Nien.

: Wu Wen-ya, director general of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Board of Trade, visits Indonesia after stopping in the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia.

: Jia Chunwang, China’s minister of public security, visits Thailand for discussions on drug control efforts.  Jia also meets separately with Prime Minister Thaksin.

: In response to Taiwan Premier Chang Chun-hsiung’s call for “peaceful settlement, joint exploration and sharing of resources” in the South China Sea, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson announced that Taiwan will not be allowed to join a South China Sea Code of Conduct.

: Philippine President Macapagal-Arroyo reaffirms that the Philippine government’s policy is to settle its maritime territorial disputes in the South China Sea with China through bilateral and multilateral diplomatic approach including confidence building measures.

: Mai Thuc Lan, vice chairman of Vietnam’s National Assembly, visits China.

: Taiwan’s minister of economics, Lin Hsin-yi, leads a 46-member delegation to Manila to attend the ninth ROC-Philippine Economic and Trade Conference.

: Nguyen Phu Trong, secretary of the Hanoi VCP Committee and member of the VCP Politiburo, visits China and meets with Vice President Hu Jintao.

: Myanmar’s minister of finance and revenue, U Khin Maung Thien, visits China.

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