China - Taiwan

Chronology from Jan 2005 to Mar 2005

: KMT delegation and TAO reach 10-point consensus.

: President Chen criticizes KMT delegation.

: KMT delegation leaves for Guangzhou, Nanjing, and Beijing.

: Hsu Wen-lung’s open letter in Economic Times to reaffirm “one China.”

: Anti-ASL demonstration in Taipei.

: Premier Hsieh tells LY Taiwan must pursue reconciliation with China.

: President Hu receives Secretary Rice in Beijing.

: Secretary Rice commends Taiwan’s democratization.

: House of Representatives passes resolution criticizing ASL.

: President Chen releases five-point statement on ASL.

: NPC adopts ASL, releases text.

: Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung submits resignation.

: Premier Hsieh say initiatives on hold pending NPC action on ASL.

: Taipei Vice Foreign Minister Kau in DC for consultations.

: NPC releases explanation of ASL.

: Premier Wen Jiabao’s work report to National People’s Congress (NPC).

: MAC welcomes Hu’s statement.

: President Hu Jintao’s makes four points concerning Taiwan; Hu urges Chen to adhere to his five “noes” pledge.

: Presidential advisors resign to protest 10-point statement.

: Chen remarks in Newsweek that he has thought about a plan to keep the cross-Strait relationship with China as is.

: Former President Clinton in Taipei; supports “one China.”

: TAO says Beijing ready to arrange more flights and open agricultural markets.

: President Chen and James Soong sign 10-point statement.

: Amendments to International Health Regulations agreed in Geneva.

: Taipei civil aviation delegation meets counterparts in Beijing.

: Bush at NATO summit calls for continued EU arms embargo against China.

: New Year charter flights end.

: U.S.-Japan joint statement says peaceful settlement of cross-Strait issues is a common strategic objective.

: Beijing civil aviation official speaks positively of further charter flights.

: CIA Director Goss says cross-Strait military balance shifting in Beijing’s favor.

: President Chen expresses hope for agreement on cargo charter flights.

: Japanese Diet approves special visa waver program for Taiwan tourists.

:   NSC’s Green in Beijing with Bush letter; meets TAO Chair Chen.

: At Koo funeral, Chen invites Wang to visit Taiwan.

: ARATS officers Sun Yafu and Li Yafei arrive Taipei for Koo funeral.

: DOD DAS Lawless in Beijing for consultations, including Taiwan issue.

: Responding to Jia, Chen reiterates there was no consensus in 1992.

: New Year charter flights begin; first PRC plane lands in Taiwan.

: Jia Qinglin gives talk on Taiwan policy with conciliatory tone.

: President Chen departs on tour to Solomons, Palau, and Guam.

: Frank Hsieh named premier; calls for reconciliation and cooperation.

: TAO Chair Chen meets Armitage in DC, explains ASL.

: Grenada resumes diplomatic relations with Beijing.

: UK Foreign Secretary Straw in Beijing urges end to EU arms embargo.

: MAC Chair Joseph Wu in Washington attacks anti-secession law (ASL).

: Civil aviation officials meet in Macau; announce agreement on charter flights.

: Deputy Secretary of State Armitage holds frank talks with Taiwan emissary Tsai Yng-wen.

: Beijing civil aviation official invites counterpart for talks on charter flights.

: KMT delegation meets TAO’s Chen Yunlin; report agreement on charter flights.

: Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) says ARATS Chair Wang Daohan welcome to attend Koo’s funeral.

: SEF Chairman Koo Chen-fu dies.

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