China - Taiwan

Chronology from Jan 2014 to May 2014

: Premier Jiang says there is no deadline for passage of CSSTA.

: Japan breaks ground for radar site on Yonaguni Island.

: President Ma offers to debate DPP’s Tsai on CSSTA; Tsai declines.

: TAO spokesperson reiterates there no precedent for renegotiation of the CSSTA.

: Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces that Taiwan has been invited to observe World Health Assembly for sixth time.

: US Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy meets President Ma; Beijing protests visit.

: DPP obstructs LY committee hearing on oversight bill.

: TAO spokesman denies report that Beijing is willing to renegotiate CSSTA.

:   Students leave LY peacefully.

: Vincent Siew meets Premier Li Keqiang at Boao Forum.

:   ROC Marines conduct exercise on Taiping Island.

: US House of Representatives adopts HR3470 reaffirming Taiwan Relations Act and authorizing sale of frigates to Taiwan.

: Speaker Wang visits students in LY, says LY will pass oversight bill before taking up CSSTA.

: EY releases draft of cross-strait agreements oversight bill.

:   DPP again obstructs resumed committee review of CSSTA.

: Jiangsu and Fujian delegations postpone Taiwan visits.

:  TAO Minister receives Su Chi delegation, expresses concern about CSSTA.

: Students organize mass rally in front of presidential office.

:   Premier Jiang says CSSTA should be returned to committee for review.

: King Pu-tsung becomes secretary-general of ROC National Security Council.

:   TAO Minister Zhang Zhijun postpones planned visit to Taiwan.

: Students occupy Executive Yuan (EY) led by “Black Island Nation Youth Front;” police             evict students.

: Premier Jiang Yi-huah meets with students outside LY.

: Taipei District Court rules Speaker Wang should retain KMT membership.

: Sunflower movement students occupy the LY.

: Facing obstruction, Kuomintang (KMT) convener sends the CSSTA to LY plenary.

: LY Committee hearings on the Cross-Strait Services Trade Agreement (CSSTA) begin with no progress made.

: Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) Chair Chen Deming says a third venue would be best for a Xi-Ma meeting.

: Tenth SEF-ARATS Meeting is held in Taipei.

:   President Ma calls for a maritime code of conduct in the East China Sea.

:   SEF-ARATS meeting reviews implementation of agreements.

:   Lien Chan meets General Secretary Xi Jinping in Beijing.

:   Taiwan stages drill in area of the East China Sea where Taiwan’s and China’s air defense identification zones overlap.

:   MAC Chairman Wang and TAO Director Zhang meet in Shanghai.

:   MAC Chairman Wang and TAO Director Zhang meet in Nanjing.

: Taiwan Education Ministry publishes new guidelines for senior high history texts; DPP decries “de-Taiwanization.”

: MAC Chairman Wang holds a press conference about trip to Nanjing; TAO announces the visit.

:   Third round of Japan-Taiwan fisheries talks are held and reach agreement allowing fishing boats from both sides to operate in overlapping waters in the East China Sea.

: Control Yuan report chastises government use of “Taiwan” over “ROC.”

: Bank of China’s Taipei branch begins providing yuan cash to banks.

: DPP’s Chen Ming-tung meets TAO Minister Zhang Zhijun.

: DPP’s Lin Chuan leads a delegation to the mainland.

: TAO calls for Beijing-Taipei to uphold China’s sovereignty over Diaoyoutai.

: LY adopts resolution limiting MAC Chair Wang on his visit to the mainland.

: Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) spokesman criticizes DPP report.

:   Mainland Afffairs Council (MAC) Chairman Wang Yu-chi briefs Legislative Yuan (LY) caucus heads on visit. DPP and Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU) propose limiting conditions for the visit.

: Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) announces resignation of Vice Chairman and Secretary General Kao Koong-lian.

: Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) releases China Affairs Committee (CAC) summary report.

: Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) Minister Chang Chia-Juch says Taipei prioritizes the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

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