China - Taiwan

Chronology from Oct 2002 to Dec 2002

:   Taiwan Vice President Annette Lu urges caution in responding to PRC pressure to open direct travel.

:   People’s Daily reports PRC has accepted charter flight applications from three Taiwan airlines.

: U.S.-Taiwan Business Council urges faster opening of cross-Strait economic ties.

:   Unnamed U.S. official tells press Taipei and Beijing should negotiate on arms.

:   Chen cancels plans to visit Indonesia after press leak and PRC protest.

: PRC and Taiwan WTO delegations hold first consultations on steel safeguards.

:   U.S.-PRC Defense Consultative Talks in Washington.

:   PRC 2002 Defense White Paper continues softer tone on Taiwan.

:   Taipei releases human rights report asserting relations with PRC cannot improve until China democratizes.

:   Taipei Mayor Ma Ying-jeou wins re-election decisively.

:   Unnamed U.S. official says “missiles for arms sales” deal is “unthinkable.”

:   Press reports PRC WTO delegation proposes steel safeguards talks.

:   EY formally approves indirect charter flights proposal.

:   Beijing publishes new regulations easing restrictions on Taiwan reporters.

:   Beijing official says PRC can accept indirect charter flights.

: President Jiang meets former Defense Secretary William Perry, mentions missile-arms sales idea.

:   Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Eugene Chien says this proposed deal is an “unfair” “ploy.”

:   Taiwan’s Washington Representative Chen Chien-jen tells legislature that Jiang proposed to Bush a deal on missile and arms sales reductions.

:   Former President Lee calls for new constitution for Taiwan.

:   Taiwan World Trade Organization (WTO) delegation requests consultations with PRC on steel safeguards.

:   Japan denies former Taiwanese President Lee Teng-hui visa to visit Japan.

:   Executive Yuan (EY) endorses charter flights that are “indirect.”

:   President Jiang’s Party Congress report adopts softer tone on Taiwan issues.

:   Taiwan protests PRC spy ship intrusion into territorial waters east of Taiwan.

:   Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company announces plans for $1 billion investment in PRC.

: PRC spouses living in Taiwan demonstrate against proposed new regulations on work eligibility.

:   Taiwan Legislator Chang Hsiao-yan proposes direct charter flights for next Lunar New Year.

: Presidents Bush and Jiang meet in Crawford, Texas.

:   U.S. International Trade Commission publishes report on U.S.-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement implications.

: President Chen welcomes Qian’s remarks.

: Chinese Vice Premier Qian Qichen proposes use of term “cross-Strait” for air routes.

:   President Chen’s National Day message launches campaign for withdrawal of PRC missiles opposite Taiwan.

:    Premier Yu Shyi-kun orders formation of center to coordinate Taiwan’s nongovernmental organization diplomacy.

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