China - Taiwan

Chronology from Oct 2008 to Dec 2008

: Taiwan Cabinet holds mainland affair conference.

: China’s National Off-shore Oil Company (CNOOC) and Taiwan’s Chinese Petroleum Company (CPC) sign cooperation agreements.

: China’s gift Pandas arrive in Taipei.

: MAC Chairwoman Lai reiterates only SEF authorized to speak for government.

: Fourth KMT-CCP Forum is held in Shanghai where Beijing announces economic measures to benefit Taiwan.

: TAO spokesman says WHO solution will be found through talks.

: Direct shipping service is implemented from Kaohsiung.

: Direct cross-Strait postal service begins.

: Taiwan joins World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement.

: Chinese Defense Minister Liang Quanglie urges U.S. to end arms sales to Taiwan.

: KMT Chairman Wu Poh-Hsiung begins first visit to Japan.

: Hong Kong Trade Development Council opens Taipei office.

: President Ma in an interview says time is not ripe for a visit by the Dalai Lama.

: General Secretary Hu and Lien Chan meet in Lima.

: Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs says APEC issues handled under one China principle and corrects reporter for saying “President Ma.”

: SEF Secretary General Kao Koong-lian leads delegation to Guangdong and Beijing.

: United Democratic Nations (UDN) reports PRC deployment of YJ-62A anti-ship missile on coast.

: TAO Minister Wang Yi announces measures to help Taiwan in financial crisis.

: Taiwan becomes “sponsoring member” of Agency for International Trade Information and Cooperation (AITIC)

: President Ma meets APEC delegation stressing that Lien Chan will represent both ROC and himself.

: MAC says Chen visits shows China does not deny Taiwan’s sovereignty.

: Taiwan Education Minister Cheng Jei-cheng explains plans to accept Chinese students and academic degrees beginning in 2009.

:   Brief public meeting between President Ma and ARATS Chairman Chen.

:   Demonstrators barricade Chen Yunlin in Regent Hotel.

:   Southern Taiwan Society accuses Ma of ceding Taiwan to PRC.

:   Former President Chen Shui-bian accuses President Ma of treason.

: SEF uses official titles to introduce Taiwan participants to Chen Yunlin; Chen meets MAC Chair Lai, but does not use her title.

: ARATS Chairman Chen Yunlin arrives in Taiwan and states his visit will not touch on political issues.

: Chairperson Tsai calls on people to besiege guest house where Chen is staying.

: TAO issues simplified rules for Taiwan correspondents.

: Taipei Times editorial says President Ma’s policies could provoke civil unrest.

: Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) Minister Wang Yi mentions the importance of World Health Organization issue in cross-Strait relations.

: ARATS Chairman Chen Yunlin expresses apology over tainted milk products.

: DPP member Wang Ding-yu indicted for violence against Zhang.

: Taipei announces Lien Chan to be President Ma’s APEC representative.

:  Seven Taiwan business groups issue statement welcoming Chen Yunlin visit.

: Defense News reports the U.S. is blocking the sale of items to Taiwan’s Chung Shan Institute of Science & Technology (CSIST) to stop development of the Hsiung Feng 2E land attack cruise missile program.

: SEF reports ARATS letter apologizing for tainted milk.

: ARATS and Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) hold preparatory talks in Shenzhen and announce dates for the visit to Taiwan by ARATS Chairman Chen.

: Ma Ying-jeou says he will receive ARATS Chairman Chen in his capacity as president of the Republic of China.

: Kinmen and Xiamen authorities hold joint search and recovery exercise.

: China returns 13 criminals to Taiwan via Matsu Island.

: DPP-led mob harasses ARATS Vice Chairman Zhang in Tainan.

: President Ma outlines “effective deterrence” strategy

: ARATS Vice Chairman Zhang Mingqing visits Tainan for conference.

: Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Chairperson Lai Shin-yuan says there are no political issues on ARATS Chairman Chen’s Taiwan visit agenda.

: DPP Chairperson Tsai says people don’t trust President Ma.

: Premier Liu repeats call for a PRC apology over tainted milk.

: Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie urges U.S. to cancel arms sales to Taiwan.

:   National Security Council Secretary General Su Chi tells Legislative Yuan that President Ma will meet ARATS Chairman Chen with “equality and dignity.”

: Taiwan Tourism Bureau Director Lai Seh-jen visits mainland to promote tourism.

: Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Chairperson Tsai Ing-wen says Taiwan’s dignity must be maintained during ARATS Chairman Chen Yunlin’s visit.

: President Ma Ying-jeou reiterates that he will put Taiwan’s interests first in pursuing cross-Strait relations.

: Premier Liu Chao-shiuan states that if the Association for Relations across the Taiwan Strait (ARATS) chairmen is to meet him, he must address him as “premier.”

: U.S. Department of Defense reports that China has postponed various military-to-military activities to protest U.S. arms sales to Taiwan.

: The Bush administration notifies Congress of a $6.5 billion Taiwan arms package.

: The Bush administration notifies Congress of a $6.5 billion arms package for Taiwan.

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