China - Taiwan

Chronology from Apr 2005 to Jul 2005

: Legislators group for parliamentary exchanges with China established in Taipei.

: Chen comments that economic consultations could build cross-Strait trust.

: TAO reiterates that acceptance of “one China” and of 1992 consensus is condition for cross-Strait talks.

: TAO indicates willingness to discuss agricultural issues with any competent Taiwan private organization; MAC welcomes comment.

: MOFA and Minister of National Defense Vice Ministers Michael Gau and Tsai Ming-hsien in Washington.

: MAC announces that long-term visitors from PRC will need to be fingerprinted.

: Chen calls for controls on high-tech trade with China.

: Taiwan’s NSC Secretary General Chiou I-jen makes discreet visit to Los Angeles.

: MAC calls on TPFA to report on its Beijing visit.

: Xinhua reports Taiwan Provincial Farmers Association (TPFA) delegation in Beijing for negotiations; MAC says TPFA not authorized to negotiate.

: Chen urges farmers to export to markets other than China.

: TAO’s Li Weiyi says Beijing is willing to discuss cargo charter flights. TAO announces new rules for employment and residency requirements of Taiwanese in China.

: Premier Hsieh proposes plan for private groups to negotiate with Beijing.

: Taiwan’s Ad Hoc National Assembly ratifies constitutional amendments.

: Premier Hsieh nominates Chang Chun-hsiung as new Strait Exchange Foundation (SEF) Chairman.

: TAO says 15 Taiwan fruits to be given duty-free entry status as MAC calls for talks at WTO on agricultural exports.

: Taipei MOFA says it will not cooperate with PRC-WHO MOU.

: Chen discusses views on “a new Taiwan-centered identity.”

: WHO Assembly again refuses to consider Taiwan’s application.

: PRC tourism agency calls for talks with Taiwan counterpart about PRC tourists.

: Premier Frank Hsieh says PRC tourists welcome.

: Taiwanese presidential Secretary General Yu Shyi-kun meets NSC’s Michael Green and others in Washington.

: World Health Organization (WHO) Secretariat signs MOU with PRC.

: On Soong’s departure, TAO reiterates three initiatives for Taiwan.

: Hu and Soong make joint statement mentioning “two sides, one China.”

: Chen rejects “two sides, one China” formula in TV interview.

: Soong speaks at Qinghua University.

: Taiwan arrests agents accused of spying for Beijing.

: Chen criticizes former President Lee in TV interview.

: Executive Yuan announces word “Taiwan” to be added to ID cards.

: Chen meets DPP leaders to diffuse criticism of his handling of opposition visits.

: Soong travels to China and meets Association for Relations Across the Strait (ARATS) chairman Wang Daohan in Shanghai.

: Chen makes unannounced stopover in Fiji.

: Chen reiterates there was no 1992 consensus; invites Hu to come and observe Taiwan’s sovereignty.

: DPP polling indicates support for Lien’s visit to the PRC.

: On Lien’s departure from China, TAO announces three initiatives regarding Taiwan.

: MAC expresses hope PRC will address Taiwan’s priority: cargo charters.

: Chen says Lien acted within law; asks Soong to convey message.

: Chinese President Hu Jintao makes joint statement with Lien.

: Washington welcomes exchanges; urges Beijing to deal with government in Taipei.

: MAC Chairman Wu says Lien may have broken law.

: Lien visits China as the highest ranking KMT official in 60 years to step foot on Chinese soil.

: Chen gives blessing to KMT Chairman Lien Chan visit to the PRC; former President Lee Teng-hui attacks Lien and Soong for selling out Taiwan’s interests.

: Taipei fines UMC Corporation for late disclosure of investments in PRC.

: Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Chairman Wu Jau-hsieh says PRC invitations are “united front warfare.”

: People First Party (PFP) Chairman James Soong accepts invitation to visit PRC.

: U.S. delegation led by Adm. Blair (ret.) arrives to observe annual Hanguang military exercise.

: TAO Chairman Chen Yunlin says DPP must revise platform.

: Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) criticizes DPP’s 7-point statement.

: Taipei temporarily bans Xinhua and People’s Daily reporters.

: President Chen Shui-bian attends Pope John Paul II’s funeral.

: Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) issues 7-point statement criticizing opposition visits to PRC.

: Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Randall Schriver testifies to Congress on China’s Anti-Secession Law.

: Beijing calls for talks on regular charter flights; Taipei declines.

: Justice minister says KMT’s Chiang to be investigated for treason.

: Taiwan Solidarity Union Chairman Su Chin-chiang visits Yasukuni Shrine to pay respects to interred Taiwanese.

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