China - Taiwan

Chronology from May 2013 to Aug 2013

: Beijing holds inaugural meeting of Cross-strait Exchanges Foundation.

: Taipei hosts UN Framework Convention on Climate Change NGO forum.

: Beijing MFA says APEC participation must follow APEC’s MOU.

: President Ma says conditions are not ripe to attend APEC Leaders Meeting.

: Fourth meeting on office exchange concludes in Jinan, Shandong.

: Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology Liu Lihua leads delegation to Taiwan.

: US State spokesman reiterates no change in US arms sales policy.

: President Ma visits Caribbean nations.

: President Ma visits Paraquay.

: TAO’s Zhang meets media delegation led by ARATS Lin Join-sane.

: President Ma visits Haiti.

: President Ma transits New York.

: TAO spokesman reiterates policy toward DPP.

:   ARATS Chairman Chen Deming comments on STA delay.

:   Taipei and Manila release shooting incident investigation reports.

:   LY parties agrees to 16 industry hearings on STA

:   President Ma addresses East China Sea Peace Forum.

: Cross-strait Entrepreneurs Summit is held in Taipei.

: Second Zhongshan Conference in Guangdong focuses on Sun Yat-sen.

: President Ma re-elected KMT chairman: Xi Jinping and Ma exchange messages.

: SEF Chairman Lin Join-sane visits Shandong province.

: Beijing accuses US of interfering in China’s internal affairs over ICAO.

: President Obama signs Taiwan in ICAO Act.

: Second meeting of the DPP’s China Affairs Committee is held.

: First Cross-strait Entrepreneurs Summit is held in Beijing.

: New Zealand and Taiwan sign economic cooperation agreement (ANZTEC).

:    SEF President Lin Join-sane leads education delegation to China.

: Hsieh Su-wei and Peng Shuai win women’s doubles at Wimbledon.

: First DPP “Huashan Conference” on China focuses on DPP’s democratic values.

: Taiwan joins WTO Services Trade negotiations.

: Frank Hsieh meets TAO Minister Zhang Zhijun in Shenzhen.

: Frank Hsieh cohosts cross-strait conference in Hong Kong with Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).

: Wang Yu-chi says MAC supports more DPP exchanges with China.

: LY agrees to review STA article by article.

: Human rights activist Chen Guangcheng arrives in Taipei.

: Opposition parties occupy LY podium protesting STA.

: Ninth ARATS-SEF meeting held in Shanghai; STA signed.

: Opposition parties block LY consideration of office exchange bill.

:   Track II “Beijing Talks,” including DPP officials, are held in Beijing.

: US Senate passes Taiwan in ICAO Act.

: US House of Representatives unanimously passes Taiwan in ICAO Act.

:   Chairman Yu Zhengsheng addresses fifth Cross-strait Forum.

: Kuomintang (KMT) Honorary Chair Wu Poh-hsiung meets General Secretary Xi Jinping.

:   Maldives invalidates Kaohsiung-Male sister city agreement.

:   On Tiananmen anniversary, President Ma urges greater human rights in China.

:   Taiwan opens permanent World Trade Organization office building in Geneva.

: DPP Chair Su Tseng-chang says the party’s policy is based on the 1999 Resolution on Taiwan’s Future.

:   MAC gives briefing on Service Trade Agreement (STA).

: Chairman Yu Zhengsheng meets bipartisan delegation of former Legislative Yuan (LY) members led by Yao Eng-chi.

: TAO Minister Zhang Zhijun says the mainland can never accept the Republic of China (ROC).

:   Third meeting of National Taiwan Invested Enterprise (TIE) Association is held in Beijing.

:   Taiwan Health Minister Chiu Hung-ta attends World Health Assembly in Geneva.

: Taiwan announces completion of trade negotiations with Singapore (ASTEP).

:   Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) & Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) report progress on office exchange talks.

: MAC Chair Wang hopes Beijing will not complicate Philippine incident.

: Taiwan Coast Guard and Navy conduct patrol exercise in Bashi Channel.

: Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) says Manila’s “one China” policy is “completely irrelevant” to Philippines shooting incident.

: Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference’s (CPPCC) National Committee Yu Zhengsheng meets Hsu Li-nung delegation.

: New Party Chair Hsu Li-nung leads a delegation of retired generals to Beijing.

:   Philippine Coast Guard personnel kill Taiwan fisherman.

: DPP’s CAC holds its first meeting.

: First meeting of Taiwan-Japan Fishing Commission takes place; President Ma Ying-jeou calls for fishery talks with China.

: Former Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) Director Chen Yunlin begins an eight-day visit to Taiwan.

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