China - Taiwan

Chronology from Jul 2002 to Oct 2002

: Executive Yuan drafts major changes to statute on cross-Strait relations.

: Beijing accuses hackers in Taipei of hacking into TV broadcasts for Falun Gong.

: Taipei Times reports Singapore will move some military training from Taiwan to Hainan.

: MAC orders visiting PRC delegation to curtail visit.

: Taipei Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces that next printing of passports will not have words “issued in Taiwan.”

: Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew in Taipei for meetings with President Chen and others.

: PRC Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Minister Shi warns Singapore against signing FTA with Taiwan.

: FM Tang vows before the U.N. General Assembly that China will never allow Taiwan to become independent.

: UN General Committee votes not to include Taiwan issue on UNGA agenda.

: Chen describes PRC military threat to Taiwan as a form of terrorism.

: Vice Minister of Defense Kang Ning-hsiang in Washington for talks.

: Taiwan press reports Chinese VP Qian has been in Fujian for Taiwan work conference.

: Taipei’s 2003 draft defense budget released, shows lowest in eight years.

: Taiwan and Mongolia exchange unofficial offices.

: Chen says he is determined to normalize cross-Strait economic relations.

: At Asian democracy forum in Taipei, Chen calls for promoting democracy in China.

: President Chen’s strategy review at Tashee calls for free trade agreements (FTAs) with U.S. and Japan and for renewed effort to achieve “three links.”

: Chinese VP Qian criticizes Chen by name and likens him to former President Lee.

: MAC eases regulations allowing multinational corporations in Taiwan to hire PRC nationals.

: VP Lu flies back to Jakarta for private meetings, returns to Taipei.

: Taiwan Vice President Annette Lu, denied entry to Jakarta, flies to Bali.

: Chen and former President Lee Teng-hui attend first anniversary celebration of Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU).

:   MAC Chairperson Tsai meets U.S. officials in Washington to explain Chen’s remarks.

:   State Department reiterates U.S. “one China” policy and non-support for independence.

:   After DPP meeting, Chen says Taipei and Beijing have “equal sovereignty.”

:   Various PRC publications criticize President Chen by name.

:   Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) official warns Chen is leading Taiwan to disaster.

:   Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) Chairperson Tsai Ing-wen issues four-point statement that cross-Strait policy has not changed.

: Taiwan Premier Yu transits U.S. through Los Angeles and New York en route to Latin America.

:   President Chen makes video conference remarks about “one country on each side.”

:   Taipei Ministry of Finance approves rules for cross-Strait financial transfers.

: U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell and Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan meet in Brunei at ASEAN Regional Forum.

: People’s Daily commentary urges Taipei to begin talks on “three links.”

: President Chen speech reiterates that Taipei won’t change island’s status if Beijing stops its threats.

: Taipei Ministry of National Defense releases white paper on defense policy.

: Press reports U.S. DoD has expressed concern to visiting Taiwan delegation that Taipei is not doing enough for its own defense.

: U.S. Navy delegation begins consultations on submarine sale in Taipei.

: PRC establishes diplomatic relations with Nauru.

: Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian becomes chairman of DPP, gives speech saying that if PRC does not respond to overtures, Taiwan may have to “go its own way.”

: U.S.-Taiwan defense talks in Monterey conclude.

: Taiwan Foreign Ministry says addition of words “issued in Taiwan” to passports will be postponed in response to Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) criticism.

: PRC repatriates shipwrecked Taiwan soldier to Matsu.

: Department of Defense releases 2002 Annual Report on the Military Power of the People’s Republic of China, which highlights threat to Taiwan.

: Taiwan Ministry of Education announces decision to use Tongyong Pinyin romanization.

: Fire on floating dormitory dramatizes plight of PRC fishermen working for Taiwan.

: Chinese Vice Premier Qian Qichen calls for progress on “three links” as “domestic” routes.

:    New American Institute in Taiwan Director Douglas Paal arrives, thanks Taipei for reducing cross-Strait tension.

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