China - Taiwan

Chronology from Jul 2003 to Oct 2003

: President Chen calls for new constitution in 2006.

: PRC TAO rejects indirect cargo charter proposal; says flights must be conducted as “domestic” routes.

: UN again rejects considering Taiwan’s membership request.

: PRC Foreign Minister Tang rejects indirect cargo charter proposal.

: At military review, President Chen introduces slogan “long live Taiwan people.”

: MAC authorizes one-year trial program for indirect cross-Strait cargo flights starting Sept. 25.

: President Chen says steps for convenient cross-Strait transport will be taken by Oct. 19.

: Former President Lee leads large “Call Taiwan Taiwan” demonstration.

: Hong Kong chief executive indefinitely postpones consideration of Anti-subversion Bill.

: Taiwan begins issuing new passports including name “Taiwan.”

: Premier Yu said to have told U.S. Taiwan will spend $20.5 billion on military procurement over 10 years.

: Six PRC women drown in human smuggling tragedy.

: American Institute in Taiwan head Doug Paal urges Taiwan to close cross-Strait military gap.

: KMT’s Lien Chan says cross-Strait dialogue and direct transportation will be priorities if he is elected.

: Former President Lee declares the Republic of China no longer exists.

: Hong Kong prodemocracy legislators attend seminar in Taipei.

: Executive Yuan releases report analyzing implications of “three links.”

: President Chen says three-stage process can lead to direct transport in 2004.

: President Chen reiterates view that there is “one country on each side of the Strait.”

: Taiwan business delegation in Beijing to press for direct transportation links.

: Spokesman says Executive Yuan will authorize referendums if LY does not.

: Taiwan supporters submit annual United National General Assembly resolution on Taiwan membership.

:   Former President Lee says closer cross-Strait economic ties will lead to Taiwan’s enslavement.

:   Pentagon releases annual report on PRC military.

: People’s Daily commentary claims U.S. and PRC are cooperating to block referendums.

: State Department says it sees no compelling need for Taiwan to hold referendums.

: President Chen’s interview with Far Eastern Economic Review published.

: Taiwan delegation in Washington to explain views on referendums.

: Chinese officials urge Washington to dissuade Taiwan from holding referendums.

: President Chen says Beijing’s imposition of Anti-subversion Bill is a warning to Taiwan against unifying with China.

: Taiwan Foreign Ministry criticizes Beijing effort to get foreigners born in Taiwan to list China as their place of birth on PRC visa applications.

:  Legislative Yuan (LY) session ends without adopting referendum legislation.

: Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa temporarily postpones consideration of Anti-subversion Bill.

:  President Chen tells Mainichi that Taiwan cannot authorize private associations to negotiate cross-Strait transport issue.

: Premier Yu says Hong Kong protest shows that “one country, two systems” is not working.

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