Japan - China

Chronology from Jan 2015 to May 2015

: Japan-China Science and Technology Commission meets in Beijing.

: Three ministers in the Abe Cabinet visit Yasukuni Shrine.

:   PM Abe addresses Asia-Africa Summit in Bandung, Indonesia expresses remorse over the war but no apology.

: President Xi and PM Abe meet during Asia-Africa Summit.

: PM Abe makes offering at Yasukuni Shrine during the spring festival.

: Premier Li Keqiang meets former Chief Cabinet Secretary Kono Yohei, the first meeting by Li with a Japanese political figure since nationalization of the Senkaku Islands.

: Delegation from China’s National People’s Congress visits Tokyo to meet Japanese counterparts.

: Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga expresses thanks to PLA Navy for helping Japanese citizen evacuate from Yemen On April 6.

: PM Abe sends greetings to celebration of Japan-China Traditional Cultural Arts in Beijing; hails the event as ushering in a new era in Japan-China friendship.

: LDP Secretary General Tanigaki and Komeito Secretary General Inoue visit China and meet Yu Zhengsheng, fourth ranking CCP official, Wang Jiaru, head of CCP International Department, and Tang Jiaxuan, head of China-Japan Friendship Committee.

: Yonagumi local election supports deployment of Ground Self-Defense Force to the island by vote of 632 to 445.

: Chinese, Korean, and Japanese foreign ministers meet in Seoul, their first meeting in three years; Chinese and Japanese foreign ministers hold separate bilateral meeting.

: LDP’s Foreign Policy section adopts resolution calling on government to use every means possible to stop Chinese incursions into the Senkaku Islands.

: Senior Japanese and Chinese Foreign Ministry and Defense officials meet in Tokyo for the first time in four years.

: LDP Secretary General Tanigaki and Komeito Secretary General Inoue meet PM Abe to brief on their upcoming visit to China.

: Prime Minister Li Keqiang calls on Japan to bear responsibility for wartime acts of aggression.

: Abe government announces new overseas development assistance policy adding “national interest” as criteria for considering projects; non-military aid to foreign militaries will be considered on case by case basis.

: Japan’s National Institute for Defense Studies publishes its 2014 China National Security Report.

: China announces 10.1 percent increase in the defense budget.

: PM Abe tells Upper House Budget Committee that he is not a denier of history.

: China’s Foreign Minister Wang chairs UN Security Council; opens debate on Maintaining International Peace and Security by calling attention to 70th anniversary of the end of the war; refers to continuing existence of history deniers.

: Liberal Democratic Party’s Harada Yoshitake introduces a 1969 Chinese State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping that identifies Senkaku Islands in Japanese characters.

: Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga Yoshihide announces creation of advisory panel to draft a statement to be issued by PM Abe commemorating 70th anniversary of the end of the war.

: China-Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing shortens website name to China-Japan Hospital; hospital authorities say the change is unrelated to state of relations.

: Chinese Embassy in Tokyo hosts New Year celebration; Ambassador Cheng Yonghua expresses hope that Abe government will sincerely reflect on history.

: Japanese and Chinese officials discuss maritime issues in Yokohama.

: Yokohama prosecutors bring proceedings against captain of Chinese vessel arrested for coral poaching on Dec. 21, 2014.

: China’s Ministry of Commerce indicates a 38.4 percent drop in Japanese direct investment in China for 2014.

: Japan Coast Guard proposes construction of three new ships to deal with Chinese coral poaching.

: Japanese and Chinese defense and coast guard officials meet in Tokyo to discuss issues related to a maritime crisis management mechanism.

: Prime Minister Abe Shinzo in his first press conference of 2015 says his government will uphold statements of previous governments in their entirety with regard to history issues.

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