Japan - China

Chronology from Jul 2003 to Oct 2003

: Tokyo district court awards ¥190 million in compensation to group of Chinese claiming injury from chemical weapons abandoned in China by the Imperial Army at the end of World War II.

: Tokyo District Court rules in favor of Chinese seeking compensation for exposure to poison gas incidents in 1972, 1982, 1995.

:   400 Japanese reported to have participated in two-day orgy with Chinese prostitutes in city of Zhuhai.

: JAL and ANA announce post-SARS increase in weekly flights to China.

: Minister for Reform suggests that China’s lack of appreciation for Japan’s ODA efforts is cause for reconsideration of China ODA program.

: Wu Bangguo travels to Japan, meets with PM Koizumi and leaders of Japan’s opposition parties.

: APEC finance ministers meet in Phuket, Thailand. Finance Minister Shiokawa is unable to attend and replaced by Vice Minister for International Affairs Mizoguchi Zenbe.

: Ishiba meets with China’s Minister of Defense Cao Gangchuan.

: Japanese Foreign Ministry officials travel to Beijing to resolve chemical                        weapons issue.

: PLA officer enrolls in Japan’s National Institute for Defense Studies.

: Japan’s Defense Minister Ishiba Shigeru visits China.

: North Koreans detained in Shanghai on Aug. 11 deported from China.

: Former LDP Secretaries General Nonaka and Koga meet with State Councilor (and former foreign minister) Tang Jiaxuan to discuss upcoming six-party talks in Beijing and to ask China’s help in resolving the abductee issue. Tang also used the occasion to convey China’s indignation over the poison gas incident in Heilongjiang.

: Japan expresses condolences on death of construction worker.

: Chinese victim of chemical weapons exposure dies.

: Sankei Shimbun reports that China has inquired about PLA officer attending classes at Japan’s National Institute for Defense Studies.

: Five members of Koizumi Cabinet visit Yasukuni Shrine.

: FM Li meets with secretaries general of three ruling parties.

: FM Li meets with PM Koizumi.

: Japanese NGO reports arrest in Shanghai of Japanese national working to support North Korean refugees planning to seek asylum in Japanese Consulate.

: Fukuda meets with Premier Wen.

: China’s FM Li meets with FM Kawaguchi in Japan.

:   Japan dispatches survey team to Qiqichar chemical weapons site.

:   Chief Cabinet Secretary Fukuda meets President Hu Jintao in Beijing.

: Fukuda meets with Wu Bangguo.

: China requests Japan to take appropriate actions to deal with chemical weapons injuries.

: ASEAN Plus Three finance ministers meet in Manila, Philippines.

: Japan’s minister of transportation travels to China to plug shinkansen technology.

: Thirty-six workers injured at construction site in Qiqichar, Heilongjiang Province as a result of chemical weapons abandoned in China by the Imperial Army.

: Premier Wen Jiabao meets with Japanese parliamentary delegation of the Japan-China Friendship League in the Great Hall of the People.  Discussion focuses on North Korea.

: Japanese and Chinese economic ministers meet in Dalian, China to discuss trade-related matters in the context of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM).

: China’s Foreign Ministry “corrects” Eto’s statement.

:   LDP faction leader Eto Takemi denies Nanjing massacre.

: Wu Bangguo, chairman of the National People’s Congress, meets delegation from the Japan-China Friendship Association.

: Japanese and Chinese finance ministers meet at Bali, Indonesia to discuss   formation of an Asia regional bond market.

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