Regional Overview

Chronology from Apr 2002 to Jul 2002

: An inter-Korean firefight in the Yellow Sea sinks an ROK patrol boat, killing five. Northern casualties are estimated at 30. Each accuses the other of shooting first.

: G-8 summit is held at the Kananaskis retreat in the Canadian Rockies.

: PM Mahathir announces intention to retire immediately, later agrees to remain for 16 more months.

: The U.S.-Malaysia “CARAT 2002” joint military exercise.

: Trade Minister Shi warns countries not to enter FTAs with Taiwan.

: Asst. Secretary Kelly says the U.S. will hold talks with DPRK soon.

: Thai troops and Burma troops exchange fire.

: The Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) in Cha-am, Thailand.

: U.S. and Philippine forces exchange fire with guerillas in the Philippines.

: TCOG meets in San Francisco.

: Russia announces it is no longer bound by the 1993 Start II accords that outlaw multiple-warhead missiles and other destabilizing strategic weapons.

: U.S. coordinator on North Korea Jack Pritchard meets with North Korean Ambassador to the UN Pak Gil-yon in New York.

: Australian PM John Howard meets President Bush at the White House.

: U.S. formally abandons the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.

: U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft meets with Russian Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov in Moscow.

: U.S. and South Korea draw 1-1 in World Cup match.

: Secretary Powell’s address to Asia Society outlines U.S. Asia policy.

: U.S.-North Korea MIA talks in Thailand.  Negotiators agree to hold three 30-day searches in North Korea starting July 20.

: Bush administration grants Russia status as a “market economy.”

: President Jiang visits St. Petersburg for the SCO summit.

: The first Conference on Interaction and Confidence building measures in Asia (CICA) held in Kazakhstan; Presidents Jiang, Putin, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, and Indian PM Vajpayee participate.

: Secretary Wolfowitz meets President Macapagal-Arroyo in Manila.

: PM Koizumi attends World Cup opening ceremony in Seoul, meets President Kim Dae-jung.

: DM Djalil and Secretary Wolfowitz meet in Singapore.

: Russian DM Sergei Ivanov visits Beijing to meet Chinese counterpart Chi Haotian and other leaders.

: DM Ivanov meets President Jiang in Beijing.

: Shangri-la dialogue on Asian security is held in Singapore.  Ministers and security officials from 20 countries participate, including Secretary Wolfowitz.

: Secretary Wolfowitz states that the U.S. “opposes” Taiwan independence.

: APEC Trade ministerial meeting held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

: Bush and Putin both arrive in Italy to formally sign the NATO protocol on the NATO-Russia Council.

: SCO holds first economic ministerial meeting in Shanghai.

: U.S. joint military exercise Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) held in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

: Australian FM Alexander Downer meets with Indonesia FM Hassan Wirajuda in Jakarta.

: President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin sign a treaty that slashes long-range nuclear warheads by two-thirds by the year 2012, in Russia.

: PM Mahathir meets President Kim in Seoul.

: DPRK FM Paek Nam-sum meets with FM Ivanov in Russia.

: PRC FM Tang Jiaxuan meets with PM Goh in Singapore.

: East Timor achieves independence; President Megawati attends ceremony.

: President Macapagal-Arroyo and PM Mahathir in Tokyo.

: A DPRK team visits the South to inspect a nuclear power plant.

: Burma’s military junta signs agreement with Russia to build a nuclear research reactor.

: New USCINCPAC Adm. Thomas Fargo meets President Macapagal-Arroyo in the Philippines.

: SCO defense ministers meet in Moscow.

: The U.S., Thai, and Singapore forces joint military exercise “Cobra Gold” is held in Thailand.

: Indonesian DM Matori Abdul Djalil hold talks with Secretary Rumsfeld and NSC Rice in D.C.

: President Kim quits the Millennium Democratic Party

: PM Mahathir visits the U.S. and signs antiterrorism treaty.

: South Korean Representative Park Geun-hye visits DPRK, meets with Kim Jong-il.

: ASEAN Plus Three hold fifth finance ministers’ meeting in Shanghai.

: Two PRC naval ships pay the first visit to the ROK.

: North Korean asylum-seekers forcibly taken from Japan’s consulate in Shenyang by Chinese police.

: Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines sign pact to coordinate security operations to fight terrorism.

: North Korea cancels participation in new round of inter-Korean economic talks.

: Burma’s democratic leader Aung San Suu Kyi is released from 19 months’ house arrest.

: East Timor President Gusmao meets President Megawati in Indonesia, invites her to East Timor’s independence ceremony on May 20.

: PM Koizumi visits New Zealand.

: Singaporean Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew meets President Bush in the U.S.

: FM Ivanov meets with President Bush and hold arms talks with Secretary Powell in Washington.

: PM Koizumi visits Australia and agrees to open working level talks on a free trade area.

: KEDO-DPRK talks resume in Hyangsan, North Korea.

: Malaysian DM Najib Tun Razak meets Secretary Rumsfeld and members of Congress.

: PM Koizumi visits East Timor.

: Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld meets with Russian DM Sergei Ivanov and FM Ivanov in Moscow.

: Officials from the DPRK and Japan meet in Beijing to discuss abduction issue.

: Laotian PM Boun Nhang Vorachith meets with President Macapagal-Arroyo in the Philippines.

: PM Koizumi visits Vietnam.

: VP Hu meets with President Bush and other senior officials in Washington.

: Shanghai Cooperative Organization (SCO) holds foreign ministers’ meeting in Moscow.

: FM Ivanov meets Chinese FM Tang Jiaxuan.

: Secretary Powell says U.S. is ready to resume dialogue with North Korea.

: U.S. Joint Chief of Staff Gen. Richard Myers visits the Philippines, Japan, and the ROK.

: Under Secretary of State John Bolton and Russian Deputy FM Mamedov hold arms talks in Moscow.

: Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Peter Brookes visits Jakarta to initiate a new U.S.-Indonesian security dialogue.

: PRC Vice President Hu Jintao visits Malaysia and Singapore.

: “Balikatan 2002” military exercises held on Luzon island, Philippines.

: PM Koizumi unexpectedly visits Yasukuni Shrine.

: China cancels April 27-30 visit of JDA chief Nakatani and scheduled May port call in Tokyo by PLA Navy.

: G-7 financial ministers’ meeting in Washington.

: Japanese Defense Agency (JDA) chief Nakatani Gen visits the ROK.

: Xanana Gusmao wins East Timor’s first presidential election.

: U.S.-Japan working-level security meetings held in Washington, D.C.  Asahi reports U.S. officials informally request Japan to dispatch Aegis-equipped warship to Indian Ocean.

: ROK FM Choi Sung-hong meets President George W. Bush, Secretary Powell, and National Security Council Advisor Condoleezza Rice in the U.S.

: USCINCPAC Adm. Dennis Blair visits the Philippines.

: Japan and the ROK hold the first bilateral history panel attended by high-level officials.

: Air China Flight 129 from Beijing to Pusan crashes in bad weather on approach to Pusan’s Kimhae Airport.

: Asst. Secretary Kelly meets Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad in Malaysia.

: Secretary of State Colin Powell meets with Russian FM Igor Ivanov for talks on nuclear arms at Madrid conference on Middle East security.

: USTR Zoellick meets with Japanese Trade Minister Hiranuma Takeo and FM Kawaguchi Yoriko in Tokyo.

: The first Boao Forum for Asia in Hainan, China; PRC Premier Zhu Rongji, PM Koizumi, and PM Thaksin among attendees.

: Trilateral Coordination and Oversight Group (TCOG) meeting in Tokyo.

: U.S. Congressional Taiwan Caucus is inaugurated by Co-Founders and Co-Chairs: Representatives Robert Wexler, Steve Chabot, Sherrod Brown, and Dana Rohrabacher. Ambassador C.J. Chen, Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office, and a 14-member delegation from the Legislative Yuan, led by the Honorable Trong R. Chai, also attend.

: Former U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Donald Gregg visits Pyongyang in a private capacity.

: Japanese and ROK Justice Ministers sign an extradition treaty in Seoul.

: USTR Zoellick visits China.

: Indian PM Atal Behari Vajapayee meets with Singapore PM Goh Chok Tong in Singapore.

: ROK PM Lee Han-dong meets with Vietnamese President Tran Duc Luong and PM Phan Van Khai in Vietnam.

: Liberal Party leader Ozawa Ichiro suggests Japan could “produce nuclear warheads” if threatened by China “arrogance.”

: India-Burma-Thailand foreign ministerial meeting is held in Rangoon, Burma.

: Douglas Paal appointed director of the Taipei office of the American Institute in Taiwan.

: Asst. State Secretary James Kelly lays out the U.S. ASEAN and North Korea policy in a speech at Asia Society in Washington, D.C.

: President Bush calls Taiwan “Republic of Taiwan” in a State Department speech.

: USTR Robert Zoellick meets with Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra in Bangkok.

: DPRK Deputy PM Cho Chan-dok visits Russia.

: Ex-ROK Unification Minister Lim Dong-won visits Pyongyang as ROK President Kim Dae-jung’s special envoy. After talks with DPRK Leader Kim Jong-il and others, he returns with a commitment to resume inter-Korean cooperation, including a new offer of a second cross-DMZ rail link.

: ROK special envoy Lim Dong-won meets with DPRK leader Kim Jong-il in Pyongyang.

: Li Peng, chairman of China’s National People’s Congress, visits Japan.

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