US - China

Chronology from Sep 2017 to Dec 2017

: UN Security Council votes unanimously in support of UNSC Resolution 2397, imposing fresh sanctions on North Korea.

: Trump signs executive order to devise “a strategy to reduce the Nation’s reliance on critical minerals” that are largely imported from China.

: Foreign Ministry spokesperson urges Washington to stop distorting China’s strategic intention and discard its “outdated Cold War mentality.”

: White House issues National Security Strategy, which refers to China as a strategic competitor and rival of the US.

: Inaugural US-China Consultation on Foreign Nongovernmental Organization Management is held in Beijing.

: Foreign Ministry spokesman says China opposes US National Defense Authorization Act, which includes the sense of Congress recommendation that the US and Taiwan conduct port calls.

: Shao Yuanming, deputy chief of the CMC Joint Staff Department, meets US military delegation headed by David Helvey, acting assistant secretary of defense, who attended the second round of the Sino-US Dialogue on Asia-Pacific Security in Beijing.

: China launches a complaint at the WTO against the US and EU after they fail to treat China as a market economy and ease calculations of anti-dumping duties on Chinese goods.

: At the Fortune Global Forum in Guangzhou, US Ambassador to China Terry Branstad says that getting the US-China Investment Treaty approved would be “very difficult.”

: Vice Minister Zheng Zeguang arrives in Washington DC for talks with US counterparts, reportedly aimed at defusing tensions between the US and China on North Korea.

: US-China Energy Cooperation Forum is held in Changsha, China.

: On the sidelines of the Chinese Communist Party in Dialogue with World Political Parties High-Level Meeting in Beijing, State Councilor Yang Jiechi  meets Democratic and Republican representatives to discuss party-to-party exchanges.

: US Trade Representative submits a legal document to the WTO to defend its right to oppose granting China a market economy status.

: President Trump tweets “The Chinese Envoy, who just returned from North Korea, seems to have had no impact on Little Rocket Man. Hard to believe his people, and the military, put up with living in such horrible conditions. Russia and China condemned the launch.”

: Trump holds a phone call with Xi after North Korea conducts another ICBM test. Trump reportedly asks  Xi to halt oil supply to North Korea.

: President Trump tweets “Just spoke to President XI JINPING of China concerning the provocative actions of North Korea. Additional major sanctions will be imposed on North Korea today. This situation will be handled!”

: US Joint Chiefs Planning Director Lt. Gen. Richard Clarke and China’s Deputy Chief of the Joint Staff Department Maj. Gen. Shao Yuanming chair the first meeting between US and Chinese joint staff departments in Washington DC.

: Secretary of Commerce Ross announces self-initiation of antidumping duty and countervailing duty investigations of imports of common alloy aluminum sheet from China.

: US Department of Justice charges three hackers who work at China-based internet security firm for hacking corporations operating in the US for commercial advantage.

: US Treasury Department sanctions three Chinese companies and a Chinese individual for engaging in trade with Pyongyang.

: US submits a Statement of Opposition to the WTO to oppose granting China market economy status, in support of the European Union in a dispute with China.

: President Trump tweets “Now that the three basketball players are out of China and saved from years in jail, LaVar Ball, the father of LiAngelo, is unaccepting of what I did for his son and that shoplifting is no big deal. I should have left them in jail!”

: President Trump tweets “Shoplifting is a very big deal in China, as it should be (5-10 years in jail), but not to father LaVar. Should have gotten his son out during my next trip to China instead. China told them why they were released. Very ungrateful!”

: President Trump tweets “To the three UCLA basketball players I say:  You’re welcome, go out and give a big Thank You to President Xi Jinping of China who made your release possible…”

: President Trump tweets “China is sending an Envoy and Delegation to North Korea – A big move, we’ll see what happens!”

: US-China Economic and Security Review Commission of the US Congress issues its annual report. Recommendations include a call to strengthen the Foreign Agents Registration Act to tighten rules on Chinese state-run media outlets in the US.

: President Trump tweets “The failing @nytimes hates the fact that I have developed a great relationship with World leaders like Xi Jinping, President of China…”

: President Trump tweets “…They should realize that these relationships are a good thing, not a bad thing. The U.S. is being respected again. Watch Trade!”

: Seventh US-China Dialogue on Rule of Law and Human Rights is held in New York.

: President Trump tweets “After my tour of Asia, all Countries dealing with us on TRADE know that the rules have changed. The United States has to be treated fairly and in a reciprocal fashion. The massive TRADE deficits must go down quickly!”

: US and Chinese militaries hold 13th annual US-China Disaster Management Exchange in Portland, Oregon. Activities include an academic expert discussion, a tabletop exchange, and a practical field exchange.

: President Trump says “if I can help mediate or arbitrate [South China Sea disputes], please let me know” at a meeting in Hanoi with Vietnam’s president Tran Dai Quang.

: President Trump tweets “President Xi of China has stated that he is upping the sanctions against #NoKo. Said he wants them to denuclearize. Progress is being made.”

: President Trump tweets “Met with President Putin of Russia who was at #APEC meetings. Good discussions on Syria. Hope for his help to solve, along with China the dangerous North Korea crisis. Progress being made.”

: President Trump tweets “In the coming months and years ahead I look forward to building an even STRONGER relationship between the United States and China.”

: President Trump tweets “I don’t blame China, I blame the incompetence of past Admins for allowing China to take advantage of the US on trade leading up to a point where the US is losing $100s of billions. How can you blame China for taking advantage of people that had no clue? I would’ve done same!”

: President Trump tweets “My meetings with President Xi Jinping were very productive on both trade and the subject of North Korea. He is a highly respected and powerful representative of his people. It was great being with him and Madame Peng Liyuan!”

: President Trump tweets “I am leaving China for #APEC2017 in Vietnam. @FLOTUS Melania is staying behind to see the zoo, and of course, the Great WALL of China before going to Alaska to greet our AMAZING troops.”

: President Trump visits Beijing, China for a series of bilateral, commercial, and cultural events, including meetings with President Xi.

: Commerce Secretary Ross and Vice Premier Wang Yang oversee the signing ceremony of 19 US-China trade deals in Beijing totaling $253 billion.

: President Trump tweets “On behalf of @FLOTUS Melania and I, THANK YOU for an unforgettable afternoon and evening at the Forbidden City in Beijing, President Xi and Madame Peng Liyuan. We are looking forward to rejoining you tomorrow morning!”

: President Trump tweets “Looking forward to a full day of meetings with President Xi and our delegations tomorrow. THANK YOU for the beautiful welcome China! @FLOTUS Melania and I will never forget it!”

: President Trump tweets “President Xi, thank you for such an incredible welcome ceremony. It was a truly memorable and impressive display!”

: US Department of Homeland Security and the Chinese Ministry of Public Security cooperate on the investigation of a transnational IPR infringement crime based in Guangzhou.

: Trump tweets “Getting ready to make a major speech to the National Assembly here in South Korea, then will be headed to China where I very much look forward to meeting with President Xi who is just off his great political victory.”

: At a briefing on Trump’s upcoming state visit, Vice Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang says China hopes the US can “help and not cause problems” in the South China Sea.

: China’s Drug Control Agency disputes Trump’s claim that most of the fentanyl brought into the US was manufactured in China.

: In a phone call, State Councilor Yang and Secretary Tillerson discuss Trump’s upcoming visit to China.

: US Department of the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network issues a final rule under Section 311 of the USA PATRIOT Act, severing the Bank of Dandong from the US financial system.

: During a press conference in Beijing, China’s Special Representative on Climate Change Xie Zhenhua says that China hopes the US will rejoin Paris Climate deal.

: During a press briefing in Washington, China’s Ambassador to the US Cui Tiankai warns against alleged US attempts to contain Beijing.

: Chinese Ministry of Commerce announces that it has started an anti-dumping investigation into ethanolamine imported from the US, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

: President Xi says China is willing to cooperate with the US to achieve mutual benefits during a meeting with members of the advisory board of Tsinghua University’s School of Economics and Management in Beijing.

: Eighth US-China Bilateral Drug Intelligence Working Group Meeting is held in Beijing. The two parties agree to cooperate in drug prevention.

: Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announce signing of a deal under the China-US Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement recognizing each other’s regulatory systems with respect to the airworthiness of aviation products.

: Secretary of Commerce Ross announces the affirmative preliminary determination in the countervailing duty investigation of aluminum foil from China.

: Vice Premier Wang Yang holds a phone call with Secretary Ross to discuss bilateral economic relations.

: China urges the US not to allow Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen to travel through US territory enroute to Taiwan’s Pacific allies.

: President Trump tweets “Spoke to President Xi of China to congratulate him on his extraordinary elevation. Also discussed NoKo & trade, two very important subjects!”

: President Trump tweets “Melania and I look forward to being with President Xi & Madame Peng Liyuan in China in two weeks for what will hopefully be a historic trip!”

: Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister and Special Representative of the Chinese Government for Korean Peninsula Affairs Kong Xuanyou meets US Special Representative for North Korea Policy Joseph Yun in Beijing to discuss the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

: At a conference at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies in Washington, Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo sayswe think that President Xi will come out of this in a dominant position with incredible capacity to do good around the world.

: In a speech at CSIS, Secretary Tillerson criticizes China’s activities in the South China Sea, claims China is undermining the rules-based international order, and says that the US plans to counter China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

: China’s 19th Communist Party Congress opens in Beijing with Xi Jinping’s three-and-a-half-hour delivery of the work report.

: Treasury Department’s Report to Congress on International Economic and Exchange Rate Policies does not name China a currency manipulator, but keeps it on a currency monitoring list.

: At Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Chinese police repatriate an American fugitive to US law enforcement officers.

: US Department of Energy and the China National Development and Reform Commission host the Eighth US-China Energy Efficiency Forum in Denver.

: Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Treasury designates China-based Wuhan Sanjian Import and Export Co. for supporting Iran’s Shiraz Electronic Industries, a key supporter of Iran’s military.

: In a phone call, State Councilor Yang Jiechi and Secretary Tillerson discuss Trump’s upcoming visit to China.

: Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs Carl Risch and Director General of the Department of Consular Affairs of the Foreign Ministry Guo Shaochu co-chair the 11th round of US-China Consular Consultations in Washington D.C.

: US Navy destroyer sails near the Paracel Islands, conducting a freedom of navigation operation.

: Joint statement for first US-China Law Enforcement and Cybersecurity Dialogue, summarizes discussions on counter-narcotics, cybersecurity and repatriation.

: Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Acting Secretary for Homeland Security Elaine Duke, and Chinese State Councilor and Minister of Public Security Guo Shengkun co-chair the first round of the US-China Law Enforcement and Cybersecurity Dialogue in Washington DC.

: The USS Ronald Reagan docks in Hong Kong before conducting a joint naval drill with South Korea.

: Xi sends a condolence message to Trump over the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

: In Beijing, Secretary Tillerson meets President Xi, State Councilor Yang Jiechi, and Foreign Minister Wang Yi to discuss US-China relations and Trump’s upcoming visit to China.

: Secretary of State Tillerson and Vice Premier Liu Yandong co-chair the first round of the US-China Social and Cultural Dialogue in Washington DC.

: President Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner attend China’s National Day reception at the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC.

: US Treasury sanctions North Korean banks and individuals operating in China, Russia, Libya, and the United Arab Emirates for assisting development of North Korea’s WMDs.

: Trump thanks Xi for “breaking off all banking relationships with North Korea.”

: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford  tells the Senate Armed Services Committee during a hearing on his re-appointment that “China probably poses the greatest threat to our nation by about 2025.”

: Premier Li Keqiang meets Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross in Beijing to discuss bilateral economic and trade relations.

: In a document submitted for debate at the WTO Services Council, the United States asks China not to implement its new cyber security law.

: On the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York, Foreign Minister Wang Yi meets Vice President Mike Pence to discuss solutions to the Korean Peninsula issue.

: Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang meets a delegation from the US-China Working Group in Beijing, led by Co-Chairs Congressmen Rick Larsen and Darin Lahood, to discuss bilateral trade and economic relations.

: Xi holds a phone call with Trump, in which they discuss Trump’s visit to China and the Korean Peninsula situation.

: Trump tweets “CHINA MIGRATION cannot be allowed to be part of any legislation on immigration!”

: Trump issues an executive order to block the sale of Lattice Semiconductor Corp. to Canyon Bridge, a Chinese government-financed firm.

: Trump tweets “China has a business tax rate of 15%. We should do everything possible to match them in order to win with our economy. Jobs and wages!”

: Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi stops in Washington on his way to Latin America. He meets Secretary of State Tillerson, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and Senior Advisor to the President Jared Kushner, to discuss bilateral ties.

: Acting Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia Susan Thornton and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Marshall Billingslea testify before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on the threat posed by North Korea.

: President Xi Jinping holds a phone call with President Trump, in which they discuss North Korea.

: North Korea conducts a hydrogen bomb test. President Trump tweets “The United States is considering, in addition to other options, stopping all trade with any country doing business with North Korea.”

: North Korea conducts its sixth nuclear weapon test.

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