US - Korea

Chronology from Jan 2005 to Mar 2005

: South Korean FM Ban says the U.S. will treat North Korea as an “equal partner” in the Six-Party Talks.

: President Bush denies the U.S. has set a firm deadline for North Korea to return to the Six-Party Talks.

: Secretary Rice says she discussed with South Korea, Japan, and China putting pressure on North Korea by using “other options in the international system” if it does not return to the Six-Party Talks.

: Washington Post reports U.S. officials distorted intelligence reports that allegedly linked North Korea to sales of processed uranium to Libya.

: In Seoul, Secretary Rice emphasizes North Korea is a “sovereign state” and that the U.S. will not wait “forever” for North Korea to rejoin the Six-Party Talks.

: GNP leader Park Geun-hye, visiting Washington, calls on U.S. to offer “bold incentives” to North Korea to resolve nuclear issue; during her Asia trip, Secretary Rice reaffirms six-party framework and rejects “separate deal” with North Korea.

: Unification Minister Chung rejects Rep. Henry Hyde’s request to reinstate North Korea as South Korea’s “main enemy.”

: In congressional testimony, former U.S. Ambassador to Korea James Lilly calls for the human rights issue to be kept separate from the nuclear issue.

: President Roh addresses Korea Military Academy’s and Naval Academy’s graduating classes with his vision of long-term South Korean security; touches upon ROK-U.S. alliance, self-defense capabilities, and DPRK nuclearization.

: White House spokesman rejects separate bilateral negotiations with North Korea.

: North Korea denounces U.S. Advance Democracy Act as an immoral interference in its domestic affairs.

: Chinese Vice FM Wu Dawei urges U.S. flexibility in responding to North Korean demands that the U.S. drop its “hostile policy.”

: Japanese newspaper reports four conditions North Korean leader Kim Jong-il presented to Chinese diplomat Feb. 21 for North Korea to rejoin the Six-Party Talks.

: At a regular trilateral meeting, the U.S., South Korea, and Japan reportedly agree to offer North Korea substantive bilateral discussions with the U.S., within the Six-Party Talks; KEDO says it is willing to resume energy assistance to North Korea if Pyongyang makes progress in the Six-Party Talks.

: President Roh reaffirms U.S.-South Korea alliance, saying that South Korea will deal with the U.S. on an “equal footing.”

: Kim Jong-il tells visiting Chinese envoy North Korea will return to Six- Party Talks if certain conditions are met.

: U.S. Ambassador Hill calls for “coordinated approaches” between the U.S. and South Korea on economic and humanitarian aid to North Korea.

: South Korea says China will take “additional initiatives” to persuade North Korea to return to Six-Party Talks.

: South Korean Unification Minister Chung says it is “too early” to call North Korea a nuclear weapons state.

: South Korean FM Ban says Seoul will continue the Kaesong pilot project and its shipment of fertilizer to North Korea; denies VP Cheney made request to cut aid to Pyongyang.

: U.S. spokesman downplays North Korean statement on nuclear weapons and says U.S. continues to seek ways to reconvene the Six-Party Talks.

: North Korea announces it has nuclear weapons and will indefinitely suspend participation in the Six-Party Talks.

: National Security Council official Michael Green meets in Seoul with Korean officials on the Six-Party Talks; New York Times reveals classified U.S. intelligence report saying North Korea exported processed uranium to Libya; South Korean and U.S. trade officials conduct first negotiations on a free trade agreement.

: U.S. Embassy in Seoul institutes simplified visa procedures for South Koreans seeking to travel to the U.S.

: At her confirmation hearing, Secretary of State-designate Condoleezza Rice terms North Korea an “outpost of tyranny.”

: U.S. and South Korean negotiators conduct third round of defense burden-sharing talks in Seoul.

: Rep. Curt Weldon says North Korea will join Six-Party Talks “in a matter of weeks,” after his delegation meets with officials in Pyongyang.

: U.S. congressional delegation begins visit to North Korea.

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