US - Korea

Chronology from Apr 2004 to Jul 2004

: Incoming Prime Minister Lee Hai-chan calls for “stable ties between South Korea and the United States.”

: President Roh rejects shake-up of foreign policy team until inquiry into terrorist killing of Korean hostage is completed.

: Six-party talks end with chairman’s statement calling for a new round of talks by September.

: U.S. presents detailed proposal for resolving nuclear issue at opening of six-party talks in Beijing.

: Iraqi terrorists behead hostage Kim Sun-il, causing national shock.

: President Roh confirms that South Korea will send 3,000 troops to Iraq despite the abduction of South Korean Kim Sun-il by terrorists.

: ROK Defense Ministry confirms that South Korea will send 900 troops to Irbil, Iraq in August, as first installment of its deployment.

: President Roh offers new program of comprehensive aid to North Korea if it resolves nuclear issue.

: TCOG meeting in Washington to prepare for six-party talks.

: South Korea’s NSC announces 3,500 troops will be dispatched to Irbil as part of Iraq deployment.

: North Korea calls for the U.S. to completely pull its troops from South Korea.

: At Future of the Alliance talks in Seoul, U.S. representatives inform South Korea that the U.S. will withdraw 12,500 troops by end of 2005.

: Former President Kim Dae-jung says South Korea should take advantage of U.S. troop reductions to lower hostility on the Peninsula.

:  Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Lawless and Kim Sook, head of the South Korean Foreign Ministry meet in Seoul for talks on reducing the number of U.S. troops based the ROK.

: U.S. expresses “strong regret” over South Korean media reports saying U.S. is attempting to “downgrade” U.S.-South Korea alliance.

: President Roh says U.S.-South Korea alliance is “solid.”

:   ROK PM Goh Kun resigns.

: Approximately 19 sets of remains believed to have been U.S. soldiers killed in the Korean War are uncovered in North Korea and repatriated to the U.S.

: U.S. State Department welcomes results of Japanese PM Koizumi’s one-day summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.

: President Roh calls for accelerating South Korea’s “self-defense system” in response to U.S. decision to dispatch U.S. troops from South Korea to Iraq.

: USFK officials say U.S. decision to deploy U.S. troops to Iraq will not harm South Korea’s security.

: President Bush telephones President Roh to explain U.S. decision to redeploy 3,600 U.S. troops to Iraq.

: President Roh returns to office, offers apologies, and accepts responsibility for the illegal campaign funds scandal.

: ROK Constitutional Court dismisses charges against President Roh, overturning his impeachment.

: Six-party working group talks open in Beijing.

: ROK military officer, Shin Il-soon, deputy commander of the South Korea-U.S. Combined Forces Command, is arrested on embezzlement charges.

: South Korean FM Ban Ki-moon reaffirms that South Korea will send troops to Iraq to support coalition forces.

: DPRK leader Kim Jong-il begins visit to China to meet top officials.

: In Seoul, Vice President Cheney meets with Acting President Goh Kun and voices concern about North Korea’s nuclear program.

: South Korea’s parliamentary elections result in a resounding victory for the progressive Uri Party.

: Chung Dong-young, head of South Korea’s Uri Party, resigns following criticism for his statements that older voters should “stay at home” on election day.

: TCOG meeting in San Francisco to discuss working-level talks on DPRK nuclear crisis.

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