Volume 3, Issue 2

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April - June 2001 · Published: Jul 2001

Daily Digest

Nikkei Asia – Japan’s Kishida unveils tax breaks to foster domestic chip production

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Monday announced the outline of an economic stimulus plan featuring tax breaks to spur domestic investment in such areas as semiconductors and batteries, along with measures to spur wage growth.

Asia Times – All eyes on Srettha’s delicate balancing act in Thailand

New Thai leader must keep his factionalized 11-party coalition happy and stable while carefully calibrating relations with US and China.

The Diplomat – The Slow Militarization of India’s Space Sector

Space has become securitized and militarized within the Indian strategic discourse, with technology, assets, and other infrastructure within the domain being used for military purposes.

The Diplomat – US Congress’ Role in Countering the China Challenge

Both the Biden administration and Congress deserve credit for handling this initial stage of acute rivalry with China.

The Straits Times – Indonesia walks geopolitical tightrope with Asean maritime drills and F-15 purchases

Indonesia’s decision to move the inaugural Asean-only maritime drills it is hosting away from waters disputed by China may be seen as making a concession to Beijing.

Nikkei Asia – Fresh faces are shaking up politics in Nepal

2022 election victors have had rapid impact but endurance not yet clear.