Occasional Analysis

With the presidential elections in the U.S. scheduled for Nov. 4, the candidates’ views of relations with Asia are of great interest to the foreign policy community in the U.S. and throughout Asia. In an effort to provide some insight into the policies of Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama, we have surveyed both campaigns’ statements to answer a series of questions regarding their Asia policy stances as the basis of this quarter’s Occasional Analysis.

Daily Digest

The National Interest: America Must Prepare for the Coming Chinese Empire

Strategic thinkers in the US need to come to grips with the magnitude of China’s growing empire.

East Asia Forum: Will Japan’s G20 deliver?

An assessment of what to expect from the G20 Economic Leaders Summit in Osaka.

The Diplomat: What’s Behind the First Sulu Sea Trilateral Land Exercise?

A land based exercise is the latest example of the growing trilateral military cooperation among Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

The Diplomat – Great Expectations: ASEAN and the Indo-Pacific Concept

An analysis of ASEAN’s struggle with defining its version of the Indo-Pacific concept.

The Strategist: ASEAN peers, picks and pokes at the Indo-Pacific

ASEAN states remain skeptical that the Indo-Pacific concept is compatible with their interest in building an ASEAN-based security community.

The National Interest: Are Academics Pursuing a Cult of the Irrelevant?

An ode to the dying relevance of the policy-oriented academics.

On the one-year anniversary of the US-DPRK summit in Singapore:

38 North – One Year After the Singapore Summit: Lessons Learned

Lessons learned since the summit.

38 North – To Restart North Korea Talks: Return to Singapore

Why the US needs to show that is ready to return to the Singapore joint statement and get over the failed Hanoi summit.

38 North – One Year After the Singapore Summit: A Breakthrough in Search of a Strategy

A proposed path forward for the US and the DPRK.

On the protests in Hong Kong:

The Diplomat: What China Is Saying About the Hong Kong Protests

An analysis of Chinese reporting on the Hong Kong protests against the proposed extradition bill.

The Interpreter: Umbrella Movement 2.0 exposes flaws in “one country, two systems”

An explanation of the implications for Hong Kong’s separate legal status if the proposed extradition bill is passed.

The Strategist: China is courting disaster in Hong Kong

An argument for how passage of the the Hong Kong extradition bill could harm Chinese interests.

The Diplomat: Why the US May Lose Taiwan to Beijing Economically

An argument of how Taiwan is becoming increasingly dependent on China and what the US should do to slow that process.

The Diplomat: The Risks of a ‘Total’ US-China Competition

Early signs that it is time for the US and China to start probing for the guardrails in the bilateral relationship?