Occasional Analysis

With the presidential elections in the U.S. scheduled for Nov. 4, the candidates’ views of relations with Asia are of great interest to the foreign policy community in the U.S. and throughout Asia. In an effort to provide some insight into the policies of Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama, we have surveyed both campaigns’ statements to answer a series of questions regarding their Asia policy stances as the basis of this quarter’s Occasional Analysis.

Daily Digest

The Diplomat: Can Beijing and Hong Kong Rejuvenate ‘One Country, Two Systems’?

An argument for reviving “One Country, Two Systems” in Hong Kong.

The Diplomat: Pacific Island Nations Want Partners That Will Help Them Fight Climate Change

An argument for the need to demonstrate support for Pacific Island countries by helping them deal with the impacts of climate change.

Lawfare: China and the Hypocrisy of American Speech Imperialism

An assessment that demonstrates the hypocrisy of some who demand the right of free speech for companies doing business in China.

South China Morning Post: Japanese official Tadashi Maeda dismisses China’s Belt and Road Initiative as just a ‘political show’

An argument that Japan’s approach to infrastructure development in Asia is more sustainable and beneficial than China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

38 North – Distant Thunder: The Crisis Coming in Korea

A reminder that the North Korea “problem” has not gone away.

38 North: John Bolton’s Awful Legacy on North Korea

A summary of John Bolton’s involvement in shaping US policy toward North Korea.

The Diplomat – Nuclear Deterrence: Mixed Messages for Japan

An argument that Japan’s faith in the US promise of extended deterrence is being called into question.

East Asia Forum: Canada’s middle power dilemma

Canada, the middle power caught in the middle of the power competition between the US and China.

Asia Times: Water war risk rising on the Mekong

An argument that lower Mekong countries have limited options in maintaining the flow of water in the Mekong River given that China controls several key upstream dams.

The Diplomat: KAMANDAG Exercise Puts US-Philippines Security Collaboration into Focus

An assessment of the importance of the military exercise KAMANDAG for the advancement of security cooperation between the US and the Philippines.