Volume 1, Issue 3

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October - December 1999 · Published: Jan 2000

Daily Digest

Japan Times — Hong Kong’s fate spurs Japan to speak up about defending Taiwan

A more supportive policy toward Taipei is emblematic of a broader shift by Tokyo in response to China’s crackdown on Hong Kong and increased military activities in the Taiwan Strait.

Associated Press — Seoul: North Korea releases army rice reserves amid shortage

North Korea’s reported food problems come as its moribund economy continues to be battered by the protracted COVID-19 pandemic. While mass starvation and social chaos have not been reported, observers expect a further deterioration of North Korea’s food situation until the autumn harvest.

South China Morning Post — Kamala Harris to defend international rules in South China Sea during Asia trip

US Vice-President Kamala Harris will focus on defending international rules in the South China Sea, strengthening US regional leadership and expanding security cooperation during her trip to Vietnam and Singapore this month, a senior White House official said.

NK News – South Korea’s ruling party divided on whether to favor drills or diplomacy

The US and South Korea have not yet determined the “schedule, scale and means” of their upcoming joint drills.

The Straits Times – Opposition MPs renew calls for Malaysia’s PM Muhyiddin to resign

Political heavyweights and long-time rivals Anwar Ibrahim and former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad appeared to shelve their differences at the gathering of over 100 lawmakers.

South China Morning Post – US-China relations: Beijing takes pointers from Mao in protracted power struggle with US

On Protracted War details Mao’s theory on how to wage an asymmetric struggle against a bigger power and its main message is also what President Xi Jinping demands today from his diplomats.

Asia Times – Delta puts China on brink of a new Covid crisis

China faces its biggest Covid outbreak since the disease first emerged there in late 2019, with the Delta variant now spreading far and wide.

Myanmar Now – Junta soldiers massacred at least 28 people in resistance stronghold of Kani this month, say residents

Junta soldiers in the resistance stronghold of Kani Township in Sagaing have massacred at least 28 people this month.

The Hindu – India, China to hold 12th round of Corps Commander-level talks on July 31

India and China are scheduled to hold the 12th round of Corps Commander-level talks on Saturday with the focus on working out an agreement for the second phase of disengagement from Gogra and Hot Springs in Eastern Ladakh.

South China Morning Post – China repeats warning to citizens to leave Afghanistan days after welcoming Taliban for talks

A notice published on the official WeChat account of the department of consular affairs urged Chinese citizens to evacuate as soon as possible.