Volume 2, Issue 1

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January - March 2000 · Published: Apr 2000

Daily Digest

The Diplomat – What’s Next for the South Korea-UK Relationship?

When then-U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson outlined the “tilt to the Indo-Pacific” in the 2021 Integrated Review of the United Kingdom’s national security and foreign policy, few would have expected that one of the eventual outcomes of this policy shift would result in the Royal Navy commencing joint patrols with the Republic of Korea (ROK) Navy to enforce non-proliferation sanctions on North Korea.

Nikkei Asia – Xi seeks to defuse China-EU tensions over trade imbalance

Chinese President Xi Jinping met leaders of two top European Union institutions on Thursday, aiming to smooth over relations after Brussels warned that it has “tools” to correct a chronic trade imbalance.

The Diplomat – China Threatens US Interests in Micronesia, Former President Warns

David Panuelo, the former president of the Federated States of Micronesia, came to Washington last week to warn that, without U.S. support, his country is becoming increasingly vulnerable to Beijing’s influence efforts.

The Diplomat – Pacific Island Countries’ Seesawing Security Diplomacy

The recently announced security agreement between Australia and Tuvalu, and the signing of a security pact by Australia and Papua New Guinea, have been touted as an Australian “win” in its strategic competition against China for influence in the sensitive domain of security cooperation with Pacific island countries (PICs).

Nikkei Asia – Italy’s Belt and Road exit shines light on ties ahead of EU-China summit

Italy’s decision to pull out of China’s Belt and Road Initiative has placed a spotlight on the relationship between the two countries and comes at an awkward time for Beijing, a day ahead of a summit it is holding with Europe.

Nikkei Asia – Japan-ASEAN to agree on ‘co-creation’ and digitalization at summit

Japanese and ASEAN leaders are likely to agree to pursue a world without nuclear weapons and deepen their cooperation on supply chains and digitalization at a summit later this month, according to a draft joint vision statement seen by Nikkei.