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Nikkei Asian Review: Xi Jinping’s red line on Taiwan goes back to Lee Teng-hui

Few in 1999 would have expected Xi Jinping and Tsai Ing-wen to lead China and Taiwan today. But in a sense, they were already facing off across the waters thanks to Tsai’s mentor Lee Teng-hui.

Yonhap: N.K. defector-turned-lawmaker says U.S.-N.K. summit unlikely before Nov. election

Thae Yong-ho, former North Korean deputy ambassador to Britain and now a member of South Korea’s National Assembly, also questioned the likelihood of a major provocation by the North within that timeframe.

Asia Times: Gold-backed yuan may challenge flagging dollar

Hints of an upcoming gold-renminbi exchange standard could provide a compelling new currency.

South China Morning Post – China-India border row: no sign of progress as winter looms

Military talks have yielded little progress and Indian troops must prepare for the long haul.

NK News: Seoul won’t rule out action against radio stations broadcasting into North Korea

South Korea won’t rule out actions against human rights groups broadcasting radio programs into North Korea.

The Diplomat: The Quiet Threat of Indonesia’s Jamaah Ansharul Khilafah

Compared to other pro-Islamic State groups, JAK’s priority on religious outreach has resulted in few attacks.

Foreign Policy: Rajapaksa, in a Landslide

After a major victory, the family of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa can reshape Sri Lanka for the long term.

Asia Times: Abe’s policy vis-à-vis China demands strategic caution

Japan’s seikei bunri principle—the separation of economics and politics—has worked well for decades, but may have run its course.

Foreign Policy: Slaughter in the East China Sea

What happens if China fights the United States and Japan? A mutual disaster, wargame predicts.

Asia Times: US, India in a tentative anti-China embrace

US and India have a common interest in countering China in the Indian Ocean but a long history of bilateral mistrust runs deep.