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Daily Digest

Japan Times: To deter China, refined ‘porcupine strategy’ may be more crucial to Taiwan than high-profile arms

An explanation of the “porcupine strategy” Taiwan may pursue, rather than high-profile arms purchases from the US.

Asia Times: India’s ominous threat to Rohingya Muslim refugees

An argument that India would be making a mistake to deport Rohingya refugees back to Myanmar.

South China Morning Post – Trade war: China, US face tough reality ahead after the pomp of phase one deal signing

An explanation of the difficulties China and the US will face in keeping their trade deal intact.

Wall Street Journal: South Korea Is an Ally, Not a Dependent

An argument for why South Korea would benefit from paying for more of its own defense.

The Interpreter: Beijing’s Hong Kong appointment sends a clear message

An assessment of China’s new liaison to Hong Kong and what it means for the protesters.

Project Syndicate: The Illusion of a Rules-Based Global Order

Brahma Chellaney argues that the idea of a global rules-based order is an illusion.

Japan Times: Time for U.S. pivot on North Korea?

An argument for a harsh US response to any surprise “Christmas gift” from North Korea.

Carnegie Moscow Center: What the End of the INF Treaty Means for China

An assessment of what the end of the INF Treaty means for China.

ASEAN Today: Bangkok’s balancing act: Is Thailand really in lockstep with China?

An argument that Thailand is working to balance its relationships with the US and China.

Asia Times: Is anti-Americanism rising again in South Korea?

A prediction that there will be a return of anti-Americanism in South Korea in 2020.