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Nikkei Asian Review: US to eliminate special treatment of Hong Kong

President Trump has ordered the end of Hong Kong’s preferential treatment and also the termination of the US relationship with the WHO.

Asia Times: South Korea is the pivot in the Huawei wars

Sources say South Korea has told Washington it considers restrictions on semiconductor sales to Huawei and other Chinese companies “unacceptable.”

The Diplomat: Kashmir’s Displaced Struggle to Survive Amid COVID-19

On May 19, Indian forces had tracked down two local rebels in the densely populated neighborhood. In an ensuing 10 hour-long gunfight, at least 19 houses were damaged.

South China Morning Post: China braces for global fallout over Hong Kong national security law

While Beijing likely anticipated the global outcry over the proposed legislation on Hong Kong, it appears to have determined that the costs from not taking a harder line in the city outweighed the consequences from international fallout.

Washington Post: US brings massive N. Korean sanctions case, targeting state-owned bank and former government officials

Washington charged 28 North Korean and five Chinese individuals with facilitating illegal payments for Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons and missile program.

Bloomberg: Masks helped keep Japan’s COVID-19 death toll low, says expert panel

Mask-wearing is one reason why Japan has avoided a heavy coronavirus death toll, according to the government’s expert panel.

Korea Herald: Reopening reversal in Seoul as virus rebounds

Seoul and the adjacent areas are heading for another phase of stringent physical distancing for the next two weeks, following fresh flare-ups of novel coronavirus cases.

South China Morning Post: NPC approves resolution to impose security law on Hong Kong

China’s top legislature approved a resolution for a national security law for Hong Kong, drawing a line against independence advocacy.

Foreign Policy: US Effort to Depart WTO Gathers Momentum

Complaints, including of China’s “economic imperialism,” have led to increasing bipartisan calls for US departure from the World Health Organization.

Asia Times: China, India teeter toward a border clash

The two major nuclear-armed Asian powers have sent reinforcements to the remote, yet strategically important, Ladakh line.