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Asia Times — Japan to release Fukushima’s radioactive water into Pacific

Japan announced that starting two years hence it will release into the sea radioactive water held at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

NK News — Kim Jong Un’s record of April missile tests raises prospect of launches, reveals

Pyongyang could buffer the forthcoming holiday with further missile tests or a reveal of new military technology, such as submarine-launched ballistic capabilities.

South China Morning Post — Joe Biden sends unofficial delegation to Taiwan in ‘personal signal’

Former US senator Chris Dodd and former deputy secretaries of state Richard Armitage and James Steinberg traveled to Taiwan at President Joe Biden’s request, in what a White House official called a “personal signal” of the president’s commitment to the Chinese-claimed island and its democracy.

Yonhap – Ex-minister decries U.S. congressional hearing on anti-N.K. leafleting ban

A former South Korean unification minister denounced a planned hearing on the ban as interference in internal affairs.

South China Morning Post – China’s Xi Jinping likely to take part in Joe Biden’s Earth Day climate summit

Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected to attend a two-day virtual summit on climate change hosted by his US counterpart Joe Biden next week.

The Diplomat – Myanmar’s Unsustainable Social Media Shutdown

The military likely recognized that a prolonged blackout would be economically disastrous, which is true. But a social media shutdown is just as unsustainable.

Asia Times – Ready or not, Chinese bonds are going global

Inclusion of Chinese debt in the FTSE Russell index is a hinge moment for Beijing’s market credibility and reform.

South China Morning Post — US announces new policy encouraging government ties with Taiwan officials

The Department of State announced guidelines encouraging engagement between American and Taiwanese government officials. This new policy brings Washington into compliance with a law signed by former president Donald Trump.

Asia Times — Moon’s light dims as Korea stumbles over Covid

Increasing cases and a troubled vaccination drive are eroding memories of 2020’s containment success, raising risks for the ruling party.

Nikkei Asia — Myanmar tribunal sentences 19 to death for violence toward military

Before the coup, Myanmar had imposed the death penalty but had carried out no executions for three decades. Of the 19 people tried, 17 remain at large and are on a wanted list.