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The Strategist – The White House cyber strategy: words must be backed by action

There are several challenges ahead with implementing the latest US cybersecurity strategy.

The Interpreter: Exploring Taiwan’s aid to the Pacific

An analysis of Taiwan’s engagement with the Pacific Island states.

East Asia Forum: Can Abe kick two foreign policy goals in three years?

Now that he has won the election for president of the Liberal Democratic Party, Prime Minister Abe’s major foreign policy challenges are to resolve Japan’s territorial issue with Russia and the abductee issue with North Korea.

Asia Times: As West recoils, China surges south in Myanmar

China and Myanmar move ahead with the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor project as the prospect for economic cooperation with the US and Europe becomes less likely.

East Asia Forum: Does India endorse a US-led regional order?

Differences in economic perspective means India only partially committed to the US-led “free and open” Indo-Pacific strategy.

SCMP: What good is ASEAN, Indonesia wonders

ASEAN’s failure to develop collective responses to challenges facing Southeast Asia puts it at risk of becoming irrelevant.

NKEconWatch: The economic side of the Moon-Kim summit

A good summary of the economic cooperation agreements resulting from the inter-Korean summit.

ASPI: What ‘denuclearisation’ means to Kim Jong-un

The concessions being offered by Kim Jong Un on North Korea’s nuclear program reflect a dismissal of arms control measures in favor of model that involves a constrained nuclear capability.

The Diplomat: Pyongyang Summit Declaration Strays From Denuclearization Goals

An American view of why the outcome of the inter-Korean summit in Pyongyang failed to meet expectations on denuclearization.

The Diplomat: ASEAN-South Korea Security Ties in the Spotlight at 2018 Seoul Defense Dialogue

Seoul Defense Dialogue demonstrates South Korea’s commitment to its “New Southern Policy.”