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Daily Digest

38 North – Book Review: “South Korea at the Crossroads: Autonomy and Alliance in an Era of Rival Powers”

A review of Comparative Connections author Scott Snyder’s book on the evolution of South Korean relations with the United States and its neighbors.

The National Interest – Gordon Chang: China’s Rise (and America’s Fall) Just Won’t Happen. Here’s Why.

Gordon Chang argues against “American declinism.”

The Christian Science Monitor: An end to the dollar’s global hegemony? The Kremlin sees an opportunity.

How US efforts to “weaponize” the dollar through secondary sanctions could backfire.

Channel NewsAsia – Analysis: Japan’s Abe pursues China thaw as U.S-Beijing ties in deep freeze

The debate in Japan over choosing between the security relationship with the US or the economic relationship with China.

Asia Times: In Asia, ghosts of crises past return amid Trumpian trade war

Is developing Asia bracing for collateral damage from a looming US-China trade war?

The Washington Post: This is how Trump can win the cold war with China

Fareed Zakaria on thinking strategically about US-China competition.

The Diplomat: Taiwan’s Indo-Pacific Role in the Spotlight

Taiwan is positioning itself to be a part of the emerging Indo-Pacific conceptualization.

Asia Times: Trump bangs table as Seoul differs over North Korea sanctions

Is there a growing gap between South Korea and the US over sanctions and the pace of economic engagement with North Korea?

The Atlantic: How to Tell When North Korea Starts to Denuclearize

Signals Kim Jong Un could use to demonstrate a willingness to commit to denuclearization.

The Interpreter – Mind the gap: views of security in the Pacific

Recognizing the different security perceptions is an important step in helping the Pacific Island states address their emerging security threats.