Volume 2, Issue 3

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July - September 2000 · Published: Oct 2000

Daily Digest

The Korea Herald – Moon proposes formal end to Korean War for irreversible progress in denuclearization efforts

South Korean President Moon Jae-in suggested once again in his United Nations speech that the two Koreas and the United States, probably joined by China, declare a formal end to the 1950-53 Korean War.

The Jakarta Post – Philippines supports Australia nuclear submarine pact to counter China

The Philippines is backing a new defence partnership between the United States, Britain and Australia, hoping it can maintain the balance of power in the Indo-Pacific region, a view that contrasts sharply with some of its neighbours.

The Diplomat – Why Provide Nuclear Submarines to Australia, But Not South Korea or Japan?

Australia’s strategic location makes its deployment of SSNs a much greater asset to broader Western interests than if other U.S. allies did the same.

The Economic Times – Quad nations need to coordinate their messaging to pose serious challenge to China

Nations of the Quad grouping have to coordinate their resources, but also their messaging, to pose a formidable challenge to China’s various plans for the Indo-Pacific.

The Straits Times – North Korea says US submarine deal, alliance could trigger ‘nuclear arms race’

North Korea’s foreign ministry said a new US alliance in the Indo-Pacific and recent US submarine contract with Australia could trigger a “nuclear arms race” in the region.

The Jakarta Post – Indonesians ‘more supportive’ of illiberal COVID-19 measures than their ASEAN neighbors

A recent survey has found that Indonesians are more supportive of “authoritarian” measures to address the devastating pandemic than their Southeast Asian neighbors.

Nikkei Asia – U.S.-China rivalry flares undersea with Australia submarine deal

The crux of the AUKUS defense pact announced by the U.S., the U.K. and Australia is an arrangement that will give Canberra its first nuclear-powered submarines and boost the naval power of another American ally in the Pacific.

South China Morning Post – EU unveils Indo-Pacific strategy, and admits US’ new ‘Aukus’ alliance came as a surprise

Top EU diplomat ‘regrets’ not being part of arrangement between Australia, UK and US, but says effect on relations with Washington should not be ‘dramatised’.

The Diplomat – What Does the New AUKUS Alliance Mean for Southeast Asia?

The newly announced military partnership between the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia – the so-called AUKUS pact – is set to have unclear but likely far-reaching implications for the future strategic balance in Asia.

The Diplomat – Australia-India 2+2 Dialogue: Converging Interests

New Delhi and Canberra have had to bear the brunt of increasingly belligerent Chinese behavior in the Indo-Pacific, pushing their bilateral relationship to new heights.