Volume 2, Issue 3

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July - September 2000 · Published: Oct 2000

Daily Digest

Nikkei Asia – India, U.S. agree on ‘ambitious road map’ for defense industry ties

With an eye on China, India and the U.S. on Monday agreed on a “road map” for defense industry cooperation over “the next few years.”

Asia Times – BRICS currency gambit a timely warning to the buck

Recently concluded BRICS meeting in Cape Town may go down in history as the moment the anti-dollar movement came of age.

The Diplomat – TikTok and Beyond: How China’s Ascendancy in Digital Technology Challenges the Global Order

This isn’t just a feud between two great powers; it’s a competition for a new world order in cyberspace.

The Diplomat – Will Russia Commit to North Korea Connections?

Amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Moscow and Pyongyang have bolstered trade, energy, and security cooperation. Will Russia commit to the infrastructure links necessary to cement that trend?

Nikkei Asia – TSMC’s fate will indeed be at stake if China attacks Taiwan – Nikkei Asia

U.S. shouldn’t threaten to bomb foundries, but self-destruction can be deterrent.

Asia Times – India upgrading BrahMos to close missile gap with China

Nuclear-armed BrahMos supersonic cruise missile may become the air-based foundation of India’s nascent nuclear triad.